Episode 10: My Best Pinterest Tips for TpT So Far

Pinterest Fail

I am not going to be meeting my goal of having a pin for all of my products on TpT because time just doesn’t warrant it.  

My Best Pinterest Tips

Though I won’t be able to meet that goal I do want to take a minute to celebrate what I have accomplished.  I also want to share some of the most useful things I’ve learned so far.

  1. Board covers – brand them
  2. 20 Boards to start
  3. Pins
    • Use lots of keywords with natural language
    • Use the full description
    • Make a keyword-rich title
    • Images matter – I am still figuring out my pin branding
    • Put keywords and hashtags at the bottom
    • Use UTM codes
    • It takes me 20 minutes per product. (One reason is I am fixing my product descriptions as I go.)
  4. Pin 40 pins a day for Pinterest to like you, I’m not there yet.
  5. Group boards aren’t dead, but I haven’t tried them yet.
  6. Video pins are favored by Pinterest, but I haven’t tried them yet.
  7. VAs would be wonderful but are pricy for good reason 100-1000/month depending on what you want them to do.  The average price seems to be 500 for most people.
  8. Many people batch their pin-making.  They make all of their pin graphics at once, then they do all of their uploading together.  Just putting like tasks together.  I don’t do this yet.  Maybe someday.

Take Time to Celebrate

We all need to take time to celebrate little victories.  So I am sharing some with you.

  • I am celebrating that I’ve gotten over 500 views on Pinterest so far.
  • I am celebrating that I’ve learned to make pins.
  • I am celebrating that I’ve started to wrap my head around this part of my business.