Episode 11: TpT February 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report

Feb 2021 ends tonight so here is a wrap-up of my month.  I have 6 goals that I’ve been working on this month to grow my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And I’m going to break down each. 

  1. Take an Online Course  

I’ve been skeptical about free online courses, but this month I completed three. They were good.  

  • One was a reading comprehension boot camp with Ciera Harris.  It was the best one.  Fourteen days of videos and a Facebook group.  The time limit forced me to stay on top of it. See my video “Pinterest is Hard & Online Courses” to hear more about this course.
  • Lesley University offered an executive function workshop and recorded it.  They sent the link after so I was able to watch.  Toddler life makes time commitments hard.  
  • I also watched a Simplek12 webinar.  It was quick with a few golden nuggets. 
  1. Instagram

My goal was to get 10 more followers (so from 15 to 25). I am at 23 followers. At first, when people would follow and unfollow me I was frustrated, confused, and a little hurt.  I wasn’t good enough for them, but then as I learned more I realized I want the right followers.  People who want to be a part of my audience and need what I create.  People who fall into my niche.

I have also developed a plan and a schedule for Instagram.  All of it will still be organic, but hopefully, I can start to grow my audience using this plan.

  1. Business Books

I am an educator and not a business major.  So to learn more about business, I am reading.  Well listening to audiobooks (again toddler life).

  1. Ten More Lessons up on TpT

I went from 72 Lessons to 84.  Goal achieved, and this is an important one because this is the only source of my business’s revenue right now.

On another note, I had one lesson a timeline lesson taken down off of TpT.  They want to make sure that lessons don’t trivialize or traumatize students.  However, I think drawing events that happened in history in a respectful way does not do this.  It was a gut punch.  I still need to get that lesson back up.

  1. Pinterest – This was my big learning focus for the month

I don’t have a pin for every product yet but I am working on it.  Making pins takes a lot longer than I anticipated.  I can do one product in about 20 minutes. So I am going to keep plugging away.  I am going to try to do a product each day (you know in all my extra time). 

I’ve learned so much about the platform and I am just going to keep learning and not stress about the fact that it’s not done.  

If you want to hear more about my Pinterest process check out those videos too.  

How-To Create Pinterest Pin for TpT

My Best Pinterest Tips for TpT So Far

  1. Earn $80 From TpT

I made this goal in the first two weeks of February, which was awesome.  Way faster than I expected it.  

I added a stretch goal for the month because this was coming along so easily.  I decided a good stretch would be to double my actual earnings from the month of January.  I earned about $65 in January, so my stretch goal was $130.

I did not make this goal.  I earned 96.32.  Actually, at the time I recorded the video that’s what it was.  I ended up earning $99.12 when the day ended.