Episode 12: March 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

  1. Take a Free Online Course

I have already scheduled a guided reading course.

  1. Instagram
  • Follow the schedule I have created.
  • Get comfortable with Instagram stories.
  • 10 more followers.  I was at 23 and I want to reach 33
  1. Read a Business Book
  1. Ten More Lessons on TpT

Since this is what I am actually selling and the rest is marketing and gaining an audience this is a high priority.

  1. YouTube – This will be my big learning focus for the month

I have been recording videos every Sunday for YouTube, but I need to learn to edit, write descriptions, link videos together, and all the YouTube things.

  1. My Money Goal is $160.

That is double my February goal.  I did not reach my stretch goal last month so that makes this $60 more than what I earned last month.

My stretch goal this month is $198.24, which is double what I actually earned last month.