Episode 13: Starting My TpT YouTube Channel

This week’s video is going to be short and sweet.

March 2021 is my month dedicate to learning YouTube.

I have actually been recording videos since the beginning of January 2021, but now I am going to learn all the things like editing, links, and descriptions.

Here is what I know so far about starting a YouTube channel:

  1. Make an Outline for the Episode

 I always have some sort of notes so that I don’t get lost in what I’m saying.  I’ve also heard but have not used the very helpful hint of putting these notes on a post-it by your camera lens.

  1. Write Show Notes

I take my outline and fill it in with what I actually said and make sure I provide links for my viewers.  I know that I am super busy and can’t take notes and I know the same is true for many people.

  1. Thumbnails Count 

It’s important that your brand rings true on YouTube, but you also need to have some variety in the look of your episodes.  If your covers all look the same viewers will think it is the same video.  Cohesive variety is key.

  1. Titles and SEO Matter

There is no escaping the importance of titles and SEO.  It is everywhere.  It takes time and practice to get the hang of SEO and I am far from being an expert, but I will keep learning.

This week I will be tackling editing my videos.