Episode 14: How I Edited YouTube Videos for My TpT Business

I am a new YouTube creator so I am keeping it simple and basic for beginners like me.  Here is my current process.

  1. Write an Outline
    1. Be sure to have an outline before you record so you have a basic idea of where the video is going.
  2. When Recording
    1. Record in good light. Some people use a ring light, but I just record by a window on a hopefully sunny day for now.
    2. Look at the Camera.  This can be a challenge to talk to a camera.  It takes practice and it feels awkward.  Do it anyway.
    3. Count to Five.  Press record and count to five before talking.  When you finish count to five again before hitting the stop button.
    4. Say thanks for watching, like and subscribe and click the notification bell.
  3. Write Up Some Show Notes
    1. I write and edit show notes using my outline because it could help my audience and gives me a way to connect my YouTube with my website.
  4. Write a Short Description
    1. I wrote short descriptions for all of my videos so as YouTube tries to match video with viewers it will hopefully help them match me with an ideal audience.
  5. Edit the Videos
    1. My Template Is…
      1. Four Second Logo
      2. Four Second Logo Circle with Episode Title
      3. Video (Trim the beginning 5-second count and end count)
      4. As I introduce myself have name text pop up.
      5. End with Four Second Logo Circle “Thanks for Watching”
      6. Add royalty-free music to the beginning and end.
  6. Thumbnails that will be the Cover for YouTube 
    1. Use a similar style but different so people know they are different videos.  
    2. I use Canva for all my graphics.
  7. Publish and Promote your video in email and/or social media