Episode 16: How to Upload Videos to Your TpT YouTube Channel

Uploading videos to youtube is a process.  I was fortunate that my husband could walk me through the steps.  Every time I had a question I could call him over to answer it.  

This process is for the actual uploading of videos.  I am assuming you already filmed them.

I am new as a YouTuber so I keep it simple.  Here is my simple process.

  1. Create a YouTube account.  Make sure you have a business profile.  Upload a picture of yourself and your logo.  It’s part of your brand so make it look like it.
  1. Hit create a video and upload the video of your choice from your videos folder or wherever you keep the videos.
  1. Add your title, description, and any links.  My descriptions are a short summary of the video, but I leave some mystery to it.  I have decided to put my show notes on my webpage to help connect my YouTube channel and website.
  • On this page click not for kids.  If your video is for kids there are fewer features, like no comments and such.
  1. The next page allows you to add End Cards.  You definitely want to do it.  It encourages viewers to stay on your channel.  As they finish watching the next video will pop up.  
  • As you add your end cards you may need to adjust the timing of when they appear by sliding the bar.  YouTube guess and you just make sure you think that’s good.
  1. Schedule or publish your video.  It’s easy to schedule when your video will come out so you can have a consistent time as you grow your channel.
  1. Promote your channel.  I am not really posting it on social media yet, but I will be putting my videos on Pinterest.  When I created YouTube thumbnails I also created graphics for Pinterest.

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