Episode 17: March 2021 Wrap Up and TpT Income report

  1. Take a Free Online Course

I took a guided reading intro course by Bryce the Teaching Texan. I have done guided reading in a lot of my classrooms so there wasn’t a lot of new information for me.  If I was new to guided reading it would have been great. He was trying to sell a full, paid course. 

  1. Instagram
  • Followed the schedule created.
  • Still working on getting comfortable with Instagram stories. Knowing what to post there. 
  • 10 more followers.  I was at 23 and I reached 38.
  1. Read a Business Book
  1. Ten More Lessons on TpT

This was close.  I actually uploaded 5 products and a bundle on 3/31 to make it.  I had spent time creating other things that I am not finished with.  Having the deadline and goal forced me to focus on and get it done.  This was a goal I could control and complete with hard work and focus.

  1. YouTube – This was my big learning focus for the month

I had been recording videos every Sunday for YouTube, but I needed to learn to edit, write descriptions, link videos together, and all the YouTube things.

I have completed this goal.  I currently have 14 videos done that are either out or scheduled for release.  My process may be simple but that’s a good thing for a beginner.  I know I will improve and add to it as I go.  

  1. My Money Goal is $160.  My stretch goal this month is $198.24.

It was double my February goal and February earnings.  I did not reach my goal.  I made $70.65. It’s disappointing that I did not meet my goal, but this is still my first year.  I am going to keep these goals for next month.  

I am going to be looking closer at my analytics to see what is selling best and what I should create more of.  

I also heard that TpT may have changed their algorithm so that could have changed some things too.

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