Episode 18: April 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

  1. Take a Free Online Course

I am going to take a free teaching grammar course by Jamie Sears.  

  1. Instagram
  • I will continue to follow the schedule created. It seems to be working to have a schedule and I am going to hopefully be adding more to it.
  • I will work on getting comfortable with Instagram stories. It’s hard to know what to post there. 
  • 10 more followers.  I am at 38 followers and I will try to reach 48.
  1. Read a Business Book
  • I’m not sure which business book it will be, but I know that reading business books have been helpful in growing my brain and business. 
  1. Ten More Lessons on TpT

This is where I make money from so this is a must. Having this goal definitely pushes me to prioritize it.  I keep certain working periods for product creation.

  1. Email- This will be my big learning focus for the month
  • I need to decide on a mail service
  • I need to better define my ideal customer 
  • I need to create a good specific lead magnet that will attract my ideal audience 
  • I need to design my opt-ins and possibly ads 

For some reason I find this step intimidating, but it’s time to conquer it and get the work done.  I know it will help my business grow.

  1. My Money Goal is $160.  My stretch goal this month is $198.24, 

These are my same money goals from last month because I did not meet my money goals.  It’s still my first year.  I am being flexible by adjusting these goals.

When I planned my year I planned to try to double my earnings each month.  As I looked at the numbers grow I knew it would be a hard challenge and I would need to be flexible and adjust.

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