Episode 2: January Goals to Grow My TpT Store

I have always treated my Teachers Pay Teachers Store as a business, with the goal of being able to help support my family, while I am home taking care of my son.  In order to grow my business, I have set some big goals this year.  

I am taking on the year quarter by quarter, adjusting goals as I go, and dreaming big.

6 Goals

  1. Take an online course

I want to make sure I am growing professionally so that I continue to have inspiration for product creation.

It will also make me a better teacher when I return to the classroom.

  1. Gain 10 followers on Instagram

I only use Instagram to share pictures of my son with family across the country, but I am learning all about social media marketing.  I am starting with small goals of gaining just a few followers while I build an Instagram for my TpT store.

  1. Create a Blog

Blogs are a great way for my potential audience to get to know like and trust me.  I want to have a blog as a landing page for an email list, my YouTube channel, and anything else I need it for.

  1. Add 10 Lessons to TpT

TpT is really where my revenue comes from at this point so I think it’s so important that I keep adding resources to my store.

  1. Read a Business Book

I know about Teaching, not business.  So I am going to try to read a business book each month to help me gain the knowledge I will need as my store grows.

  1. Make $40 on TpT

This is a small goal, but it is double what my December 2020 goal was.  My earnings goal will keep going up as I progress, but I am starting in a manageable place.