Episode 24: May 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

  1. Take a Free Online Course

I’m not sure what course this will be yet.  But I will find one because it have been very valuable to take these courses.

  1. Instagram
  • I will continue to follow the schedule created. My schedule seems to be a good start.  I would like to add more posts to my schedule, but I also want them to be valuable to teachers. 
  • I will work on getting comfortable with Instagram stories. It’s hard to know what to post there. 
  • 10 more followers.  I am at 50 followers so I would like to get to 60 followers.
  1. Read a Business Book
  1. Ten More Lessons on TpT

This is where I currently make money so it’s key.  I am rearranging my schedule for the month because I don’t want to finish these last minute again.

  1. Email- This will be my big learning focus for the month

I have already laid a lot of the ground work to launch my email list.  I have picked a provider, created a lead magnet, written an email funnel, and started to put it all into MailerLite.  I need to finish learning and working in MailerLite and push my lead magnet out to the world.

  1. My Money Goal is $160.  My stretch goal this month was $200 

I am carrying these goals over from the last two months, because I haven’t met them yet.  I am getting closer each month.  Last month I made $135.36 

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