Episode 27: How SEO Research Improved My TpT Sales

I am working on improving SEO in everything I do.  It’s a constant learning process, but the more I learn the easier it will be for teachers to find me, my resources, and everything I have to offer. 

If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s search engine optimization.  It’s when you use search terms in your work that other people are using to search.  There are tools that tell you what other people are searching for.  You type in something that you think is a good idea and the tool tells you if people are searching the term, how many people, and how hard it is for people to see you in the search results.

I use UberSuggest.  UberSuggest gives 3 free searches a day.  Right now, I am sticking to the free version, but I like this tool a lot.  It’s easy to use.  When my business is making a little more money I am investing in the subscription.

Using UberSuggest to research my SEO has improved my sales on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Some resources have sold better because I simply changed the title of the resource.

Not only is UberSuggest helping with resources I have already made, but it’s giving me inspiration for new resources.  Here is the story of the first time I saw this happen. 

I was preparing a super cute Mother’s Day Two Word Poem.  However, I knew I would not sell any of this resource because no one is search for that phrase.  So, I went to UberSuggest and looked up what I might title my poetry lesson on TpT.  It turns out Mother’s Day Poem was a great option for me.  It also turns that as I was looking through the SEO results, I found that people were searching for a Mother’s Day Haiku.  And I thought “I can make that.”

I did the same thing for Father’s Day poetry lessons too.  The SEO results said lots of people were looking for a Father’s Day Acrostic.  So, I made that too.

In May, I sold my Mother’s Day Haiku seven times.  I made $21.12 off it out of my total May earnings of $72.09.  The Mother’s Day Haiku, which I had no plans on creating until I saw it in the SEO search, accounted for 29% of my May earnings.

More SEO is my goal.

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