Episode 28: Batching My TpT Blogs

During the month of May I was working on changing some of the systems I’ve been using in my Teachers Pay Teachers business to try to have a more efficient working time.  I was trying to meet my goals ahead of schedule.  A lot of the month did not turn out how I wanted, but this one thing I changed and liked the result.  

I took a week to batch my blogs for the month of June.

Batching is when you do like tasks together so your brain can stay in gear.  Switching tasks takes away energy and focus.  Here are a few life examples:

  • Finishing a run is easier if I don’t stop and start a bunch of times.
  • Baking a batch of cookies is easier instead of making one cookie.
  • Baking four kinds of cookies is easier all at one time than doing it four different days.
  • Getting my toddler to the store is easier when we are already out.
  • Wrapping all the Christmas presents at once is faster than doing it after each shopping trip.

Now, I have a toddler so batching for me can’t be in one long working session.  I batched my blogs over the course of a week.  I stepped into my writing mindset and wrote a blog every day at nap time for the week.  By doing this I had rough drafts done for the whole month. It was also easier to keep the momentum going. Here are the steps I followed for this.

  1. Brainstorm ideas
  2. Put the blogs in the order I want to release them
  3. Research SEO (If you don’t know what SEO is you should check out How SEO Research Improved My TpT Sales
  4. Research topics online. I did not to steal ideas, but I did want to see what other people were doing. In order for me to make my content great I need to have some idea of what others are doing. I know every big company is keeping an eye on the competition.
  5. Write my blogs.

This allowed me to have rough drafts of my blogs done and set. Editing is a much easier and a shorter process than writing. I also thought it was easier to write for a week straight, rather than writing every Monday and jumping between different tasks the rest of the week.

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