Episode 29: May 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report for My TpT Store

I had six goals for May.  Overall, my month wasn’t stellar, but I as reflect on why I didn’t reach some goals, I also like to stay positive about what I did accomplish.

1. Read a Business Book.

I Finished Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo

I loved this book.  I thought it was a very helpful public speaking book that will help me improve my YouTube channel and eventually with the course I want to create in the future.

I started The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. 

I will be finishing it up in June.  I like this book so far.  If I can make better habits in my life I can improve my business.  So as I improve my understanding of what makes habits I will grow.

2. Instagram – Gain 10 More Followers

I started the month with 50 followers and got to 58.  As I tried out new systems in my business, I struggled to stick to the Instagram schedule I set up.  I would like to set up a scheduler so that life doesn’t get in the way of Instagram, but I will always choose my family over posting. But I also want to grow my business.

3. Free Course

This was intended to be teacher professional development.  However, I enrolled in a TpT membership in mid-April and spent a lot of time working through those materials.  I decided I was making enough to cover the cost of the membership, so I wanted to invest in my business to help it grow further.  I am not done with the material yet, but I will give you guys a review when I am.

4. Email List

This was my second month trying to get my email list up and running.  My email funnel is completed and ready for anyone who opt-ins.  There is a pop-up on my website where people can opt-in.  Now I need to create ads of some sort on Instagram and Facebook.  Or I can even create opt-in posts through hashtags.  If I don’t get these posts out, it will be difficult for me to grow my email list. I’ve made progress, but this goal is not complete yet. 

5. Create 10 More Resources for TpT

This is where most of my income is from right now, so it is an important part of my business.  I completed 9 lessons by 6/4.  They were just a few days late.  I was sick at the end of the month as well as being away for Memorial Day.  However, my goal was to finish these 10 lessons mid-month. 

I have spent some time thinking about why I wasn’t able to finish these lessons.  I am currently trying new systems and processes for getting my TpT business work done.  There are so many things that need to get done.  As I adjust and try new processes for other tasks completing products could get hard.  I will have to protect the time I schedule for product creation. 

6. Make $160

I did not meet this goal.  I made $72.09.   That’s not too bad.  Have you heard of the summer slowdown on TpT?  I had heard of it, but literally on May 15th, my sales halted. It makes sense, but unfortunately, I did not meet my goal as the school year ended.

I did not hit every goal I set.  I work hard and with limited hours.  I’ve learned so much by starting my TpT business.  And I am the kind of person that tends to overload my plate and think I can get more done than I can.  I like these monthly evaluations because it helps me to refocus and try to improve different aspects of my business.  

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