Episode 30: June 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

I am really mixing up my goals this month.  For the last five months, I have had a basic set of goals and it’s been working.  My business has grown.  I have over 100 resources listed on TpT, I release a blog each week, I have a YouTube channel with over 24 videos, I’ve learned how to create pins on Pinterest, and I’ve started an email list. 

It’s time for me to mix up my goals a little bit because I have too much going on.

My June Goals To Grow My Teachers Pay Teachers Business

1. Edit my June blogs.  

The rough drafts are done because I batched them. Now I just need to edit them.

2. Finish my TpT membership coursework and material.  

When I signed up I committed to it financially for three months, in my mind.  If I see great value in it I will continue.  One reason I signed up is that I am making enough to cover the cost.  The reason I signed up for a course even though I have been able to grow my business on my own is that I want to continue to grow it and with more efficiency.  

3. Start a grammar curriculum.  

I have been thinking about creating a grammar curriculum for a few months now.  I have never liked the grammar I’ve been given to use.  It tends to be lots of worksheets,  and the level is too hard or too easy.  I don’t think the kids learned very much from it.  So I want to create my own.  I want to create something that is more fun and engaging. 

This big project also means that I may not get any lessons up on TpT this month and that’s okay.

4. Edit a few specific resources on TpT.

There are some resources that are up on TpT that need some editing and I would like to get that done.

  1. I have awesome life skills curriculum choice boards, but I need to fix the SEO so that teachers can find it.
  2. There are some revision and editing checklists that I think I may have made some mistakes on and I want to check and fix those if needed.
  3. I have some black history lessons that do not align with TpT requirements.  For example, kids can’t act out history, write a journal entry from the person’s point of view or draw a picture of a historical event.  I must change these and get them back up on TpT.
  4. Email List Ads.  

I don’t know if I am going to pay for ads or if I will just post from my account and use hashtags, but I want to get my lead magnet out there in more ways.

  1. Make $100.  

I brought this amount down for the summer because sales slow down so much.

  1. Read a business book or personal growth book.  

If I’m growing then so is my business.  I have also been able to do this via audiobook which allows me to manage the time it takes.

I know I will be finishing The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

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