Episode 32: How I Let My Monthly TpT Goals Guide Me

May was a tough month for my Teachers Pay Teachers Goals. I did not meet several of my goals. However, I’m a pretty determined person so that didn’t stop me. There are two goals that I have held onto tight for each month blogging and creating my TpT products. I did a great job blogging during May, but by the end of the month, I had not added a single product to my TpT store. 

Since I am still just starting to build my business, continuing to get resources up on TpT is extremely important. For the first four days of June, I shut down everything else on my to-do lists and finished my products. They were mostly ready. I had to finish the digital versions, create thumbnails, and upload products with an SEO description.

Because I talk to you all every month about my goals I reflect on what I have been doing.  However, because I did meet my goals this month I was doing some extra reflecting.

I have been trying out some new systems in the month of May.  They definitely need some fine-tuning.  Here is how I am going to work on that.

I am going to try to be specific with my time.  Picking tasks that I need to complete, seeing how long it takes me and comparing that to how long I thought it would take me.

I am also trying to use batching to complete more work more quickly.  Because I have a toddler, batching for me is often not sitting for four hours to complete all my blogs, but keeping my brain in my writer’s mindset and blogging for a whole week.  The goal of batching is that I will be more productive and more efficient.

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