Episode 33: TpT Course Review

In April I signed up for The CEO Teacher Academy

I started making enough money monthly to cover the membership, so I decided to invest in my business.  Up until this point I had done almost everything for free except my website.  

I have finished two parts of the program so far.  It took me a while to commit to a membership.  When you are first starting a TpT store it’s a big decision, so I wanted to share my experience.

The Basic How to Sell Online Course

The first program I finished was the basic course on how to create and sell on TpT including; website, SEO, Pinterest, PowerPoint, and more. Here is my short review of the course

Some of the videos need updating. They were made in 2017 which is not that old, but I felt like some of them needed to be revised. I think that The CEO Teacher would agree because some of the videos had short sequels so they are a little more up to date. Team Kayse has stated that they are planning on revising some of the content. 

I did know a good chunk of the information they offered based on my own research. I have spent hours researching how to grow my business in the TpT world and the digital sellers’ world. However, I did not know it all.

There was enough valuable information to make the course was worth it. There were tricks in PowerPoint that I hadn’t learned yet. There was information on SEO that improved my understanding. I also loved the parts about social media and Pinterest.  What was really great was having all the information in one place.  It was organized in a logical sequence that I could just follow without wasting time.  I could just login with my headphones and watch while my son was nursing.

Instagram Course

I have never been good at Instagram. I use it to share pictures of my son and my adventures, with friends and family. There is a whole teachergram world out there that I have become a part of, but haven’t been able to use efficiently. 

I learned a lot about how to grow my Instagram following and serve my customers. I want to have the right customers and followers. I also want to let them get to know me.

After the Instagram course, I have developed a more detailed plan on what to do with Instagram.  I’ll tell you all about it in the coming weeks.

Not Done Yet

There are still several courses I can take within the membership. I am going to be tackling blogging this month. There was a website challenge that I watch on replay to better my website. I am especially excited for the email course because if you’ve seen my other videos you know I have been working towards growing an email list.

I have found my CEO Teacher Membership to be worth the expense.  As long as I am making enough to cover the cost of the membership I am going to be working with it to help me grow my business.

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