Episode 34: Why I Like YouTube as Part of My TpT Business

1. YouTube is where I talk about my business.

There are a lot of Facebook groups where I can ask questions and talk a little about my business. However, having a YouTube channel gives me the opportunity to talk about what I’m doing. I can go into detail and share about my business. It gives me a place to talk about what I’m learning and connect with you.

2. YouTube gives me accountability.

Telling you all about my goals each month and then telling you how each goal has gone at the end of the month helps me focus on my goals. During the month I check in on my goals several times because I know that I will be reflecting on them with you.  It helps me stay focused knowing that I am going to tell you if I achieved each goal. 

3. Talking about my business improves my learning.

For me, whenever I teach something I understand it better. As a gymnastics coach, when I started explaining the skills I could do them better. When I teach a subject in school I understand it better (especially math). And when I talk about what I’ve learned in the TpT world, it sticks in my brain better and I understand it better. 

There are a few reasons why talking to you on YouTube helps.  One is that I am reflecting on each part of my business in detail so I can talk about it.  I learn something and I reflect on it as I write each episode.  Another is that I teach you some of what I’ve learned.  As I teach how I use a certain program it helps me understand it better.  I use a different part of my brain to explain something than I do when I am just learning about it myself. Overall it makes my learning deeper. 

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