Episode 35: June 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report

My goals in June were a little bit different from the usual ones I’ve been setting. I set seven goals this month.

  1. Edit My June Blogs

In May I batched my blogs for June. Meaning I wrote them all in one week. However, I did not manage to finish editing them in May, so I needed to finish and I did.

  1. Finish My TpT Course

In April I signed up for a membership with The CEO Teacher.  I have been working my way through the material slowly, but I wanted to prioritize this.  I took a week to focus on learning more about selling on TpT. I finished the base course of the program and I also finished the Instagram bonus course.

  1. Start My Grammar Curriculum

I did successfully start my grammar curriculum. There is still a lot I am figuring out about how I want to create this resource and what I want to include. I had been putting it off starting because I knew spending time figuring out something new would take me time.  It was important to me that I take the hard step of just starting it. 

  1. Fix Resources
  1. Life Skills SEO
  2. Black History Month
  3. Check for Errors on a Couple of Revision and Editing Checklists.

I have not fixed these resources yet. I started to fix these resources, but I didn’t get to finish. I will be carrying this goal over into July.

  1. Email List Ads

I did not start posting my lead magnet online to grow my email list yet. I want to create a lead page to route people through my own Instagram account and bio. So as I’ve considered ads versus my account this is the route I’ve decided on.  Thinking about how I want to market my lead magnet is the only work I’ve done on this goal.

  1. Earn $100

I earned $67.64. This is far better than I thought I’d do. So many teachers are on summer vacation so I am shocked that I’ve made this much money this month.

  1. Read a Business Book.

I finished reading the book The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

I thought this book was excellent. It breaks down how habits work, why they exist, how they help and hurt us, and how we can change them. 

I started to read  Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. 

I listen to audiobooks and my library loan ended before I finished. I am back on the waitlist to finish it. It’s a book about mindset. If we control our thoughts we have more control in life. If we reframe the negative we can change our lives. His accent is pretty nice to listen to also.

I started The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.

My library loan also ended before I could finish this book too. This book is about how as adults we so often limit our dreams to what is possible. This book encourages me, the reader, to think bigger and dream bigger. If we believe we can achieve bigger things we will be able to. I have big dreams so I love this book.

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