Episode 36: July 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

I love having goals to work towards each month.  Now that I’ve established a habit of creating them I am starting to move away from routine habits and towards specific goals.

  1. Edit My July Blogs.

I batched all my July blogs during the last week of June, but I still need to edit them.  Eventually, I am hoping that I will get to the point where I can complete writing and editing my blogs in the same week. However, I do need to finish this step in the process so I will be editing this month.

  1. TpT Forward/TpT Blog Challenge

As I record this I am still trying to decide if I will attend the TpT Forward Virtual Conference.  I’m on edge only because I have a toddler so having time to watch the videos will be a challenge.  

I am also planning on completing the blogging challenge course that is available to me through my CEO Teacher Membership.  I’ve been blogging since December and if I can fine-tune my skills to make my blog more successful I want to.

The only thing I can be sure of is these learning goals will be very time-consuming.  

  1. Complete Units 1 and 2 of My Grammar Curriculum

I have two weeks scheduled to work on my grammar curriculum.  I am planning on getting one unit of about 3-4 lessons done each week.  I am hoping to get all of those lessons up on Teachers Pay Teachers by the end of the month.

  1. Fix Resources: 
  1. Life Skills SEO
  2. Black History Month
  3. Check for Errors on a Couple of Revision and Editing Checklists.

This goal is being carried over from last month.  I started it but didn’t finish it.  I am going to schedule a working period to complete this task to make sure I am successful with this goal this month.

  1. Post My Lead Magnet on Social Media

After a lot of thought over the last month, I have decided that I am going to create a landing page and put that link in my bio on Instagram so I can post my lead magnet on my social media account to start.  Hopefully, this will be a good start to growing my email list.

  1. Read a Business Book

I am going to read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. It’s about personal finance and investment. I know enough about money to get by, but I don’t know much about money, investments, and the financial world. I decided that learning about my finances would help me to then be able to expand to business finance. I have big long-term goals for growing my business so I will have to improve my understanding of finances until I grow enough to hire someone.

  1. Batch My July YouTube Videos and August Blogs 

I am working on batching my blogs and YouTube videos because I want to have the next month of content planned out. I want to get to the point where all my blogs and YouTube videos done the month before. This takes more planning than creating these weekly.

  1. Earn $100

I know that selling on TpT in July is hard. I think this is a reasonable goal for a new seller. Hopefully, I’ll make some money towards this goa

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