Episode 37: My New TpT Business Notebook

I have decided to try out a new notebook system to organize my TpT business, for at least a few months.


Because I’ve had different lists, charts, calendars, docs, and post-its where I’ve been writing, ideas, tasks, and notes. It was not working. 

I’d waste time trying to find the correct doc because I was looking for a thought I wrote down. While looking I’d find another doc I’d lost and get caught up in it. Post-its would disappear on me or I wouldn’t be able to find my to-do list. 

This notebook isn’t everything I want it to be yet, but it’s better. I am keeping all of my thoughts in one place and keeping this notebook next to my laptop at all times.

Right now I have it divided into sections for different types of work: blog, youtube, CEO Teacher, to-do lists, grammar curriculum. 

Hopefully, I can transform this into a clear monthly plan, but I am still working on my batching systems so I am starting with this method so that all of my material is in one place.

In my YouTube and blog section I have:

  • Episode Titles
  • Brainstorming
  • Draft Notes

In my to-do list section, I am trying to be very good about writing down exactly what I want to accomplish in each working period. I also want to start tracking my start and stop times so I can see how long these tasks are taking me.

Visualization is key for me when I am creating a resource that has pieces that are new or for a big project.  I am using the grammar section to help me plan out the different sections and keep all pieces in one place.

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