Episode 38: My TpT Instagram Strategy

I had an Instagram plan in the past, but I struggled to figure out what to post. It didn’t come naturally to me, especially Instagram stories. My general plan was something like this.

  • Sunday: Beat the Sunday Scaries
  • Monday: Motivational Quotes
  • Tuesday: Blog or TpT Resource
  • Wednesday: Wednesday Wins
  • Thursday: Blog or TpT Resource
  • Friday: First Read Friday
  • Saturday: Self-Care

Some of these were consistent and then tapered off some I was very good about. 

I have to make a habit of posting. When I post I need to take time to interact with other people on Instagram. However, I have a two-year-old and I don’t like to be on my phone while I’m with him. I will always pick him over writing an Instagram post.

I have a fancy new plan. You can see it here. 

It’s still going to take some time to build my social media following and consistency, but I think this will help. I am going to be taking time every weekend to review my plans for the week. I am going to fill out a new schedule each week.

I am also trying out the scheduler Later. I like it so far even though I’ve just started. I can even make last-minute changes as I’m posting. 

I’ll tell you more about it later as I work with it more.

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