Episode 4: My First Blog is Live

After writing and editing, and formatting, and editing, and uploading my blog is live.  

Getting my blog live is a big accomplishment. But it’s really just the beginning.

My first 7 articles are up.  I plan on adding an article each week.  Most of them are about teaching, but once in a while, I will be putting up something about parenting because I am a parent.  Here is a sneak peak at the first seven articles.

  • 7 Strategies to Simplify Classroom Grading
  • Making School and Home Communicate Easy with 7 Strategies
  • 7 Strategies to Create Balance for the Overwhelmed Teacher
  • My Bio
  • 9 Reasons Poetry is a Teaching Strategy to Help Struggling Writers
  • 7 Strategies to Make Your Teaching Planning Time More Productive
  • Eczema and the Elimination Diet (Parenting)

My Plan

With a toddler running around the only way I can create products, keep a blog and start this YouTube channel is by having a plan.  Here is my blog schedule:

Mondays – I write

Tuesdays – I edit

Wednesdays – My husband edits, formats and makes the blog live at 4 pm (Revision – we are aiming for Thursdays at 4 pm because of our schedules.

Our System

I know it’s just my husband and I, but we are a team and we need a system.  Hopefully, someday this business will grow and I will have a bigger team.  When that happens systems will be important.

  1. I type my blog in Google Docs.   It is saved in my blog folder to make sure he has full access.  
  2. When I finish writing and editing I add “- Edited” to the title.  It ensures he knows that it is completely done.  Once I’ve done this I cannot touch the Google Doc again without talking to him.
  3. After he uploads it, then he will move it to the Uploaded – AKA Done folder.

This system makes sure we know what’s going on with the newest blog article without us constantly waiting to be able to talk to each other.

The next blog challenge will be driving traffic to my site.