Episode 40: Creating a Large TpT Product Line

For the first time, I am challenging myself in my TpT product creation. I mean it’s all been a challenge. I just learned how to make resources last fall.

Up until now, I have created a lot of poetry and writing lessons. They come to me easily, but I knew I wanted to create a big product line.

As a teacher, I hated teaching grammar. No matter where I was teaching or what grade level it was grammar was just a bunch of worksheets. Sometimes it was a cohesive curriculum and sometimes not. I feel like teachers were left to deal with grammar on their own.

It’s also a part of writing students need to be explicitly taught.  I would love it if I thought students would understand grammar just by practicing writing, but I haven’t seen it.  

I think it’s a balanced combination of being explicitly taught grammar and practicing and applying grammar they’ve learned in their writing.

I know others have created similar resources, but they have different experiences than me.  I have spent a lot of time working with special education and executive function students.  I have taught in both public and private schools. And my style of teaching will influence this resource more than anything else.

I have a vision of how this curriculum will work in 4th-6th grade so I’m taking on the challenge.

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