Episode 41: July 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report TpT Store

 have been mixing up my monthly goals some lately.  I love having goals because they help keep me focused on the parts of my TpT business I want to work on. 

1. Edit My July Blogs

I haven’t come up with a great editing process.  I’ve kind of done it as I could through the month, but I did get it done.  I do want to get to the point where I write and edit all the in the same week, but I got editing done.

2. Attend TpT Forward Conference & Complete the Blogging Challenge from CEO Teacher

I decided to attend the TpT Forward Conference.  I literally signed up the night before it started.  I spend a week (of naptimes) cleaning my office while I listened to the conference sessions.  It kept my hands busy, but I could also stop and take notes whenever I wanted.  After that week I found other small pockets of time where I could watch sessions.  In the coming weeks, I will have a video all about the TpT Conference.

My other goal was to watch and complete the blogging challenge that was part of The CEO Teacher School.  The challenge gave instructions on how to plan, research SEO, format, write, create graphics, and post a finished blog.  I have been blogging since January, but this challenge helped up my blogging game.  I have created a template to follow to help me continue this better blogging format that helps my Google ranking.  

I took another online course this month too.  It was a teacher development course with Ceira Harris.  I’ve talked about her in the past too.  She was offering a two-week reading comprehension class.  I took her last class, and it was amazing.  When this class popped up I had to take it. 

3. Create Units 1 & 2 of my Grammar Interactive Notebooks

I devoted two weeks to work on my Grammar Interactive Notebooks., but I didn’t complete this goal.  I didn’t even get one week done.  This is a new type of resource for me so it’s taking me time to learn how to do it and do it right.  I did map out all of unit 1 and finish my unit 1 PowerPoints. 

4. Fix Resources: Check my revision and editing checklists, revise my Black History resources, and fix the SEO on my Life Skills resources

Do you ever have something on your to-do list that just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list?  This is that thing for me.  I didn’t fix these resources yet.

5. Post My Lead Magnet

I haven’t posted my lead magnet on social media yet.  My goal is to post it to grow my email list.  It is on my website, but that’s it.  There are two things that I struggled with here.

1. The first is that it keeps getting scarier and scarier the more I put it off.

2. The second is that I want to create a landing page that makes it easy for people to sign up for my lead magnet.  I can do this through my email provider, but I have to figure it out first.

6. Earn $100 on TpT

I did not earn $100, and if I did I would have been surprised.  I earned $17.52.  I think this is great because I have heard a lot of other sellers say that they sell nothing in July, or this is their first July ever selling something.  So, I think it’s just great that I sold a few things during this slow month.

7. Read a Business Book

I Read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.  This is a personal finance book, not a business book.  But I figure if I have a better handle on my personal finances, it will be easier to learn business finance.  This book was an easy audiobook read and it helped me understand a lot of things about personal finance that I had no clue about.

I also read the 30-Day Money Cleanse by Ashley Feinstein Gerstley.

This book was short.  Which is a good thing because reading about finance is not my favorite thing.  The biggest takeaway from this book was that we are disconnected from our money and spending because everything is digital.  We have to work to know where our money is going.  Also, putting money in savings should be the first thing you do with your paycheck because if you leave it for last you probably won’t have any money left.

8. Batch July YouTube Videos and August Blogs

Batching my YouTube videos has been going great.  I started batching in my editing process early on in my YouTube journey, kind of by accident. I started by just recording videos each week and after about two months of that, I started editing the videos.  It made publishing my videos so easy I have just kept going.  Now I also batch my recordings, which makes it easier to get done.  I did complete this goal.  I would like to make the process more efficient.  I kind of spend some time on weekends and evenings getting all the editing done.  I’d love it to be one day of recording, one day of writing show notes, and one day of editing and posting videos.

Batching my August blogs went better this month than last month.  I did my best to follow my new blogging template I created after the 30 Day Blogging Challenge from The CEO Teacher School.  This made it more time-consuming and also a lot faster.  I had a few blogs I had started earlier so I finished those up with some reformatting.  I also wrote two blogs that completely followed the new format.  It took me two extra days, but I edited and created the graphics for my blog.  From there my husband has all the pieces to easily upload, format, and schedule my blogs for the month.  (I’m lucky to have the assist.)

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