Episode 43: Attending TpT Forward 2021

Did you attend TpT Forward this year?  It’s a conference for sellers to learn all sorts of things.  Normally it’s in person, but this year it was virtual and next year there will still be a virtual option. 

There are sessions by TpT and other sellers. Some of my favorite sessions talked about Pinterest, Instagram, Email, Blogging, and Data.

I listened to as many sessions as possible.  I think most sellers do their first year.  My time was limited by my toddler, which is probably a good thing.  I spread it out over the whole month. This helped me not get overwhelmed by all the information.

In the new seller sessions, there were some great hidden nuggets of information.  For example, include standards and differentiation because those two things make teachers’ lives easier.  These things will make my resources more desirable. 

The biggest question I heard is, “What sessions should I watch?”  After watching most of the sessions here are my suggestions. 

  1. Make a list of priorities of what you want to learn before you look at what sessions are offered?  Is your year going to be focused on product creation?  Or will it be focused on marketing?
  2. Look at what videos are offered and make a plan according to your priorities and goals.
  3. Watch videos in order of your priorities.  That way you are sure to see the ones that you want to see and if you don’t get to some that’s okay, but if you do get to them you could find some useful information.

I also think it’s important that you give most of the videos a chance.  There will be hidden nuggets of information even if you know most of it.  Watch while doing the dishes or cleaning and then you can stop your task to focus on the best information.

Don’t overwhelm yourself.  You won’t watch it all and that’s okay.

One of the other sessions I want to mention was by TpT’s integrity and standards department. TpT had a session about their integrity standards.  If you’ve seen my other videos you may know that they asked me to revise few resources.  One of my resources asked students to draw pictures from MLK Jr’s life, but they asked that I revised this to meet this requirement.  

I appreciated that they took the time to explain this more because many sellers have had issues.  It was a boring and dry video with presenters speaking in monotone, but important.  I hope they make that video available to everyone always.

I think the TpT conference is worth the cost so when it’s time to sign up next year.

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