Episode 44: Visualizing the TpT Resources I am Creating

As I started to branch out to new resources, I realized something about my resource creation process.  Visualizing my resources before I create them is vital to creating high-quality resources efficiently.

1. Sometimes I come up with great ideas and they were easy to sit at my computer and just create.

2. Other times I would start with the teacher directions page and then the rest of the product was an easy flow from there. 

3. Then there is my third creation process: STUCK.  It took me some time to realize why I was stuck.  I would start a resource and then put it aside and move onto another resource to avoid the first.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to visualize the resource in full.  For most of the resources I created, I had a mental picture in my head, but when I was stuck I didn’t have a clear picture. After working on this I realized there are two ways I got past my stuck phase. And by identifying these strategies I can actively engage in them to get unstuck faster.

Two Ways To Get Unstuck

I have found there are two ways I get myself unstuck.  One is fast, one is slower with more planning. 

1. Teacher Directions

This is the quickest way for me to get unstuck. When I write out the steps that the teacher will use to guide the students through an assignment, I ask and answer a lot of questions.  

It also helps me find gaps that I need to fill. If I start with the teacher direction page it helps me know what the teacher is going to teach and figure out what supports, and worksheets will be needed to complete the lesson.

2. Plan and Draw the Resource

This is a time-consuming process.  I’ve just started using it for my Grammar Interactive Notebooks.  I think about each section of my resource and map it out using post-its and posterboard.  It helps me to think about each page and plan it so the creation process is faster.  I write out what information I will include and what it might look like.  This is very helpful to help make a large resource.

I’d love to hear how you get yourself unstuck when you’re working on a resource? Please share it in the comments.

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