Episode 46: Creating My Grammar Interactive Notebook TpT Resource

This is the first big resource that I am creating for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I wanted to create this resource because I have never liked the grammar curriculum I’ve been given to teach.  It’s always been worksheets that are either too easy or too hard for my students.  I also feel like they don’t retain any of the information that we cover.

This project is hard because I’m trying to make grammar accessible and understandable for teachers and students.  I feel like a lot of teachers are intimidated by teaching grammar so I want it to be accessible to them too. Most of what I am creating in this resource is new, so it has a learning curve.

Here are my successes so far while creating my interactive grammar notebook.  I have successfully mapped out the first unit.  I’ve never mapped out a resource like this before.   It involves a lot of planning and post-its.  I have been working on batching the different parts of this resource, within the units. 

I am working on templates so I can make all of the interactive notebook pages at once and then do the same with the games, writing, and assessments.   For example, I have created all of my unit 1 teaching PowerPoints.  Then I am going to create all of my interactive notebook pages and so on.  

It’s a new process, but if I successfully make this notebook, it could really help my TpT business grow. 

I would love to hear about the biggest resource you’ve ever created.  What was it?  Did you face any challenges?  What did you learn?

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