Episode 47: August 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report

I keep my TpT store running by setting clear goals each month.  Of course, my overall goal is to make money, but there are so many pieces that factor into that.  Here is the wrap-up of August 2021.

1. Finish my August blogs.  

I just had to finish some editing and work on the graphics a little bit.  I got this done in the first few days of August.  This allowed me to put blogging aside for the rest of the month.

2. Fix Three Resources.  

I had three resources that I wanted to fix last month.  I had to check for some errors, make sure I was following some of TpT’s guidelines, and change the descriptions and SEO.  Out of the three resources I had to fix I fixed two of them.  I had allotted two days to work on this on my calendar and ran out of time and ideas for the third. I am counting ⅔ a win.

3. Post My Lead Magnet

There is a whole story that goes with this, but I posted my lead magnet on August 31.  I’m not sure I was completely ready to do it, but I did it.  I still need to check a lot of things on the back end before I schedule it for regular posting in  .  But having the first post done feels good.

4. Batch my August YouTube and September Blogs.  

 This is going to be my new standard for blogging, but it’s a big task so it might stay on the goal list.  I took weekends to get my YouTube videos planned, recorded, edited, and scheduled.  I also spent the last week of August working on September blogs.  I didn’t quite get it all done maybe because of vacation or my son just not sleeping as good.  Finishing touches on my September blogs will be on my goal list next month.

5. Finish the CEO Teacher Blogging Course and Start the Email Course. 

 As soon as I posted my first blog following the format and rules given by The CEO Teacher, I saw an improvement on my website rankings immediately. I finished the blogging course and started the email course. 

6. Grammar Interactive Notebooks Units 1 and 2.  

I did not finish either unit.  I worked on this every day for a week, but it’s still not quite done. I made progress, but there’s a lot of work to do.  I need to adjust my expectations of how this project will get done.

7. Make $100 on TpT.  

I did not make $100 this month, I made $43.08.  Hopefully, sales will pick up as school gets going across the whole country.

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