Episode 48: September Goals to Grow My TpT Store

The hard thing about being an entrepreneur is that my business relies on my motivation to stay focused and get things done.  Having goals helps keep me motivated and focused.  Here are some goals to help my Teachers Pay Teachers store grow.

1. Finish September Blog Edits and Graphics

I didn’t quite finish my September blogs.  I still need to finish the final editing and graphics.

2. Schedule Blog Shares on Social Media.  

One of the things I love about this new blogging process is the images I create which make it easier to share on social media.  I need to schedule out how I am going to be sharing my blogs.  I love SEO and that it will help more people find my blog, but I don’t have to wait.  I can tell thousands of teachers that my blogs are there on social media.  But I need to do it.

3. Fix the Descriptions and SEO on My Life Skills Bundle.

I created an amazing life skills choice board resource, but no one can find it because the SEO and descriptions are, in all honesty, terrible.  I want to go through and fix this because I know this resource is amazing.

4. Batch September YouTube and August Blog

Batching blogs and YouTube videos is an amazing way to get my long-form content done.   It’s a lot of work, so it’s one of the first things I put on my calendar.

5. Finish The CEO Teacher Email Course

I want to grow my email list because that is the number one way to ensure consistent sales and a growing business.  I feel like this task is 

more challenging for me than it is for others.  Hopefully, this email course will help me get there.

6. Finish My Grammar Interactive Notebook Unit 1.  

This is a task that I have been working on for months and it always takes longer than I think.  I estimate I will have 12 hours to finish this based on my calendar plan.

7. Post 10 products on TpT.  

When I was posting 10 products a month it helped my business.  It’s hard to get them done, but I want to push myself to complete that task again. Last month I started several poetry lessons and I want to get those finished and up on TpT.   I estimate I will have 14 hours to do this based on my calendar plan.

8. Make $100 on TpT.  

I am hoping all my work will boost my sales this month so I can achieve this goal.

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