Episode 5: Driving Traffic to My New TpT Blog

The hardest part of creating a successful blog is driving traffic to it.  There are millions of blogs out there.

SEO can help, but SEO is a challenge too.

In my research, I’ve learned the best way to drive traffic to my site and start ranking on search engines is to get other people to put links to my site on their site.

Who is going to give me something for nothing?  No one.  

To get other sites to give me a backlink I need to write guest posts.  Yes, I need to write more blog posts.

These posts need to be relevant to their readers.  I must follow their rules of topics and the number of words in order to have a chance of getting it published.

***Since recording this episode I have put guest posts on hold.  Between coaching, tutoring, moming, and running a business it’s just too overwhelming for the moment.  I’ve taken on a lot and have decided for me to do this well I need to wait a month or two before tackling another task.