Episode 50: Using Instagram for My TpT Store Social Meeting Marketing: Progress Update

Teachergram is a real space where teachers from around the world communicate and share everything from their personal lives to their best classroom ideas.  There is a system and method for finding success on teachergram.  You can even take courses on how to have a successful teachergram. 

I am trying to be patient with my teachergram account, but it’s hard to see so many people grow their accounts fast, while I grow mine slow.  Hopefully, the people who chose to follow me are my real audience.   I don’t want a lot of followers who don’t want to connect with me online. 

I’m continuing to work on following my Instagram content plan.  It’s amazing the difference a scheduler makes.  Without Later I wouldn’t be posting on Instagram at all.  Having a schedule and plan in place is extremely helpful.

Five months ago I desperately wanted to grow a strong Instagram, but to be honest it’s not my priority right now.  There are too many other tasks in my business so Instagram has to take a backseat.

There is one tip that I heard from multiple sources that I have been trying to implement.  Engage with others.  Some of the Instagram gurus have said that the more you like and comment with other people’s Instagram the more they will engage and follow you.  Also the more you talk with others the more  Instagram shows your posts to others. 

As I’ve worked on implementing this I’ve seen it work. 

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