Episode 51: My MailerLite TpT Email List Debacle

Over the last several months I have been trying to get my email list off the ground.  It’s been a much bigger project than I thought it would be with more details to learn and understand.  It’s simple and complex all at the same time.  I researched several email services and decided that MailerLite would be a good option to start off with.  I spent time putting all of my brandings in it.  I set up several emails and a pop-up for my webpage.  As I was getting ready to put my lead magnet into the world I decided that I should have a landing page.

I got to work in MailerLite putting together a branded landing page.  I created graphics, customized it, and figured out all of the tricky parts to get it to look the way I wanted.  Then I went to publish it and faced a problem.  In order to have a custom URL to my landing page, I had to upgrade to a paid plan.  Meaning that the URL that I wanted to put in my Instagram bio would read something like www.subscriptionpage.com/f2k1p3.  Would you ever sign up for an email list with that URL?  I never ever would.  If I had even 10 people on my email list, I might have done it, but I didn’t yet.  So committing to a subscription just didn’t seem practical yet. 

So I went back and researched further now that I know more about what I need.  I found that ConvertKit does allow me to have a custom URL for a landing page and/or integrate it fully with WordPress on my website.   I can use the free version for now.  Over the next month or two, I am going to be working on switching the emails and sites.

I set up to ConvertKit.   It’s also one of the email service providers that was recommended to me in The CEO Teacher School and I have training for it through them.

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