Episode 52: September 2021 Wrap-up and Income Report

September flew by, probably because I spent a week and a half taking care of a sick toddler who got me sick too.  Let’s see how these goals went when life got in the way.

1. Finish Blog Editing and Graphics

I did manage to finish my blog editing and graphics, but again it took much longer than I planned.  This step is taking so much longer because I have taken on a systematic writing process. 

2. Schedule Blog Shares on Social Media. 

I did not schedule posts to share my blogs on social media.  I simply ran out of time after how long it took me to write them.  I do think this will be a task that will be worth the time.

3. Fix the descriptions and SEO on my Life Skills Bundle.

I still haven’t done this.  The time I would have spent on this went to finishing my blogs.

4. Batch out September YouTube and August Blog

YouTube got done, but blogging isn’t quite finished.  I am reevaluating if I am going to continue to write a blog every week.  I am thinking about writing a blog every other week so that I have more time for other tasks.

5. Finish The CEO Teacher Email Course

I did finish the email course.  It helped to simplify the process, but I’m not ready for some of the steps it introduced.  Or those features are not available on the free account, and that’s where I am in my business email journey.

6. Finish My Grammar Interactive Notebook Unit 1. 

I didn’t finish unit 1.  I made good progress and am close to being done, but not finished enough to put up on TpT.

7. Post 10 Products on TpT. 

I put 4 products up on TpT.  By the time I finished blogging and working on grammar I ran out of time.  I am going to be reevaluating my calendar so that I can complete this goal. It could be as simple as the order that I work on tasks or changing my workload.

8. Make $100 on TpT. 

I made $25.85 this month.  Far from my goal, which is a major factor in leading me to reevaluate my goals.

One Year Report 

In my first year on TpT I sold 169 units.

During my first year on TpT I made $642.38

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