Episode 55: How to Look at TpT Data

Data isn’t very much fun, but we are going to take a look at TpT data.  I’m no data master, but I am going to show you some of the very basic things I look at.

TpT Product Statistics

TpT Sales

The sales tab allows you to see how many you sold of a product as well as the conversation rate and earnings from those products.

TpT Activity

Activity is a great way to see what page views, product views, wishlists, and downloads for each product.  I like to see how many people have wishlisted a product.  The statistic on this page I found the most encouraging is how many people downloaded my free resources.  It was encouraging to see that people wanted what I was creating.

TpT Easel

The Easel tab lets you see if teachers are assigning your products through Easel.  I think the data about how many students your resource reaches may be inaccurate.

TpT Reviews

The reviews tab lets you see which products are bringing in reviews.  You may use quotes from reviews to help promote your products.

TpT Sales Reports 

The sales reports tab tells you a little bit of information about where your buyers are from.  I think this would be most helpful in helping you decide what state standards you want to mark.  If you have a lot of buyers from Texas maybe it’s time to mark the Texas standards in TpT.

TpT Dashboard

From the dashboard, you can toggle between a lot of information like earnings, units sold, conversation rates, and views.   All of this information is presented in a friendly graph and you can customize the dates.  

TpT Traffic

The traffic tab can be found on the dashboard page.  The traffic tab lets you see how people are finding your products.  If you want to utilize this tool, be sure to learn how to use UTM codes.

TpT Marketing

The marketing tab can also be found on the dashboard page.  This tab is where you can throw a sale (or join a site-wide one), change your banners, read useful information, submit a product to the TpT newsletter, and more.

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