Episode 58: October 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

1. Social Media

Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, write an email, and plan social media.

I successfully planned social media.  Each weekend I took time to create posts for the week on my Instagram.  Right now my following is small enough that I can simply post it to Facebook too.  As my following grows I will need to change up my posts or timing between Facebook and Instagram.

I have not been doing a great job replying to comments on any platform yet and hope to improve that.

2. Learning Goal

I am going to be watching some replays from LaterCon from Later. 

I did not watch any replays of any kind of learning.  I was solely focused on content and resource creation during the limited amount of time I have to work on my TpT business.

There is a poem that I want to use for a lesson, but I want to be sure it’s okay to use it in a lesson.  So I am going to be reaching out to a publisher for the first time to see if I can get permission.  I have no idea what this process will be like.

So I spent at least an hour looking online for how to contact this publisher.  Their website sent me in loops.  The parent company sends me to a copyright request page.  The copyright request page said I needed to talk to the publication’s imprint.  The imprint’s website had no information on how to contact them or information about copyright.  It was a crazy process to try to track this information down online.  I even had my husband try to help me find the information.  The most we found was this article, which basically left me with the same questions.

What are the Copyright Laws for Using a Poem?

I am going to continue to look for a clear answer to this copyright question.

4. Fix My Life Skills Lessons SEO

I still need to fix this.  Finding usable SEO has been a real challenge, which means it is taking a lot of time.

The SEO for this product line is so difficult to filter through.  So many of the SEO options are either not searched or incredibly hard to rank for.  I think I finally found an SEO term I might be able to use, but this is still in the works.

5. Batch November Blogs and October YouTube Videos

I love getting it all done through batching, but I am considering creating less long-form content for a while.  I think my goal might be to create half the amount that I was before.  I just don’t have as much time for product creation as I want.

You might already know that YouTube batching has been going pretty well, but this month was better than the rest.  I felt like I streamlined the process and it was quick and easy to film, edit, write show notes, edit show notes, make graphics, and post the videos.  

This is the first month since I started batching blogging that I felt went well.  I finished my blogs in the time I intended which is awesome.  Here is how I did it.  I decided that I was going to stick to my timetable.  I planned to have 4 days to write, 2 days to edit, and 1 day to make graphics.  I wrote as many blogs as I could in those four days.  Then proceed to stick to editing and graphics in the time allotted.  

This plan meant that I had to let go of the idea of releasing a blog every week. I had to adjust my mindset and be okay with releasing a blog less often like maybe every other week.  If I got enough written for every week – great, and if I only got 2 done – that’s great too.  So I will release as many blogs as I finish in the time allotted for blogging.  This really freed up more time for product creation.

If you want to hear more about this adjustment keep an eye out for my upcoming episode all about it in the next few weeks.

6. 10 Products for TpT

When I took this goal off my goal list I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but I’ve found that I have seen my earnings decrease.  I want to be sure I get at least 10 products up each month.  I am going to refocus on getting my 10 products up, and then whatever creative time I have left for the month will go towards creating grammar.

This month I created 7 products.  These products are of better quality than the products I was creating a year ago and my product descriptions are 10 times better.  I am really happy with the seven products I got up this month.

7. Make $100 on TpT

I am hoping I will be able to consistently make $100 a month on TpT.  Consistently creating new resources will help.  $100/ a month is $3.23/ a day

I made $118.28.

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