Episode 6: TpT January 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report

I had 6 big goals for January 2021

Create a Blog/Website

My blog is live.  Hopefully, as I continue to write it will help drive traffic to my store.

I wanted a blog to…

  1. have a landing page for everything.
  2. build an email list.
  3. create useful content for teachers based on my experience of what works.
  4. drive traffic to my TpT store.
  5. have a place for these YouTube Show Notes

Instagram – Gain 10 Follower

I reserved my name on Instagram when I started my TpT store, but I let it sit there until I was ready to start to do something.

I am not great on Instagram yet.  It’s going to be a learning process, but I’m starting to post to try to make some small gains in learning and followers.  

My goal is small because this is not my learning focus this month.

Read a Business Book

I started my TpT store as a business with the goal of making money to help my family.

I do not know a lot about business except for a community college course I took back in high school in maybe 2001.

I decided 1 book was good because I am doing a lot of learning.  It might be manageable.  This month I read/listened to an audiobook so it was doable.  

I would recommend The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss