Episode 62: November 2021 Wrap-Up and TpT Income Report

1. Social Media

Continue to plan my social media posts weekly.  Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, and write an email.

I have continued to successfully plan out my social media posts.  Right now my social media focuses on sharing my TpT resources, blog tips, motivation and self-care.  I would love to add more about me into my social media because I am my brand, but I am just not there yet.  

2. Learning Goal

There are some videos in the CEO Teacher School I haven’t watched yet that I would like to.  I think I will be ending the membership soon since I have worked through most of the material.

I set aside the last day of the month, November 30, to watch videos from The CEO Teacher.  Thanks to being able to watch them in double speed I was able to finish all the videos.  There were some great tips in them and I am glad I found the time.  I have a decision to make about the membership in the next few days.

I am going to see if I can get an actual answer from the publisher about the poem I want to use.  I can’t believe that it is this difficult to find an email address.  

I did set aside time to start this task.  I did some research about how to reach out to a publisher or copyright owner.  I downloaded some templates of letters that I can use to reach out, but haven’t finished the process.

4. Fix My Life Skills Lessons SEO

Now that I think I found a usable SEO term I should be able to fix the product descriptions on these products so that teachers find them.

I thought for sure I wasn’t going to manage to update these product descriptions again.  I started to update my Life Skills bundle about half way through the month.  I made new thumbnails and finished the SEO research.  I wrote out the description and got one posted before I ran out of time.  On November 29 I finished updating my lifeskills bundles.  I was really cutting it close this time, but it’s done and I am so happy because this task took me far too long.  I did learn a lot more about SEO research from it though.

5. Batch December Blogs and November YouTube Videos

I feel like both blogging and YouTube went better last month and I plan to continue this method of staying within the time I’ve allotted for content creation.  The only thing I might change is tracking my hours for each step because often times my work time will get cut short when my toddler wakes from his nap early.  I might change my writing plan specified hours to spend on content creation rather than days.

Since my blogging week was the week of Thanksgiving I did need an extra day this month.  I started with my plan of writing on the writing days.  I finished three blogs and outlined a fourth blog.  On my editing day I moved onto editing.  And I was lucky enough to finish editing the three blogs I finished early.  So I went back to the fourth blog and finished writing it out.  But writing it out took longer than I thought.  Editing carried over one more day.  So then I created my graphics a day late. 

I still think this plan worked better than trying to create all the blogs.  I was able to complete everything with a couple of extra hours rather than an extra week of stress.

6. 10 Products for TpT

I plan to continue to push for 10 products each month.  This goal pushes me to make the most of my creative work time.  However,  I am going to adjust it.  I am going to create 5 products and revise 5 products.  The revision could be the product itself or the SEO in the description.  Whatever creative time I have left for the month will go towards creating grammar.

I am so proud because I over achieved on this goal.  I created seven new resources for my TpT store and I revised 5 resources for my TpT store.  If you count my Life Skills resources I also revised 8 product descriptions.

7. Make $100 on TpT

Last month I made over $100. I am hoping I will be able to consistently make $100 a month on TpT.  Consistently creating new resources will help.  $100/ a month is $3.33/ a day this month.

I did not reach this goal this month I made $80.50.  I was really bummed about this because last month was so great.  I hit the toggle on my dashboard that lets me compare this year to last year.  Last November is when my resources started to sell.  Last November I made $20 on TpT this NovemberI made four times that.  I may not have met my goal, but I like to think positive about what I have accomplished.

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