Episode 63: December 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store

  1. Social Media

Continue to plan my social media posts weekly.  I have reserved Saturday nights to write my social media posts.  I also want to use this time to check YouTube comments, and write an email.  If I don’t get to finish all this on Saturday nights then I finish it on Sundays.

  1. Pinterest Fridays

Pinterest is a great way to get my TpT Resources seen by more teachers.  And it’s free to use, with the opportunity to promote pins or pay for ads later.  I started using Pinterest last spring, but have been terrible about consistently making pins.  I plan to work on Pinterest by simply planning to create pins every Friday.

  1. Learning Goal

I am going to be working on listening to the coaching calls from The CEO Teacher School.   I have several calls downloaded but haven’t listened to them yet.  I am going to be working on this all month.  I want to listen to at least 10 this month.

  1. Reach out to a Publisher About Copyright Material

I started to research how to contact a publisher or copyright own about using copyrighted material.  I have products that I mention books in.  I want to make sure that I am operating above board and have permission to use any material I reference.  

  1. Read a Business or Personal Growth Book

This is a goal that I put to the side because I easily completed it each month.  However, once it was off my goal list I stopped doing it.  I think personal growth, mindset, and business knowledge are important areas of growth for an entrepreneur.  

  1. Batch January Blogs and December YouTube Videos

I am trying to stick to a specific amount of time for creating blogs and YouTube videos.  I am only releasing what I manage to get done in that amount of time.  Surprisingly, this strategy has helped me become more efficient.

  1. 10 Products for TpT

This goal is the goal that pushes me to use my creative time efficiently.  Working to get a set number of resources helps me create and stay motivated.  Regularly putting resources up on TpT helps teachers find my TpT store and increase my opportunity for revenue.  This month I am working on creating 5 new resources and updating 5 resources.

  1. Make $100 on TpT

Last month I made just over $80.  It wasn’t quite my goal, but also 4 times what I made last November.  My goal is to consistently make $100 a month. Consistently creating new resources will help.  $100/ a month is $3.22/ a day this month.

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