Episode 64: Updating Products in My TpT Store

Since I started my TpT store a year ago I have learned a lot about product design.  As I rounded the first year of having my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I decided I should start updating my products.  I had heard of other sellers doing this once they had over 300 resources and I didn’t want to wait that long.  So, I started.

I am going to share some of the things I’m updating in my TpT resources. 

  1. Fonts

I am updating my TpT fonts.  I found a good basic easy to read font early on and I love using it for just about everything.  Honestly, I am a little sick of it myself, but I haven’t come across a better font for text that needs to be easy to read. When you are creating resources for kids, they need to be able to read the fonts easily and I think this font is perfect for that.  The fonts that I am updating are for my titles and headings.  I’ve learned how to create a more attractive title that really pops off the page and grabs the buyer’s attention more.  Even the way you line up the fonts in your titles makes resources that are more desirable and cuter.

  1. Clip Art

My clip art needed a makeover too.  As I update my resources, I am making sure that my clip art is cute and appealing.  I have never been a clip art person myself.  It won’t be the make-or-break buying point for me, but for some teachers it is. I also want my clip art in black line and color.  This leads me to my next update.

  1. Black and White Edition

When I first started, I wasn’t making a black and white edition of my resources.  Again, I wouldn’t mind buying a color version and just printing it in black and white.  But some teachers look for the black and white version.  It’s a bit of a pain in the butt but making a black and white version should make more teachers consider buying my resource.  I’m adding a black and white version as I update my resources.

  1. More Value in a Resource

As I’ve become a better curriculum creator, I’ve added some basic things to most of my products.  For example, now every resource I create has a revision and editing checklist specific to the resource (it only takes a few edits to do this).  When I first started, I didn’t have this checklist.  Now I am adding it into my resources.  It makes my resources more complete and easier to use.

  1. Titles and Descriptions

I am also updating my product titles and descriptions using SEO.  I heard about SEO early in my TpT seller journey, but like everything else as I practiced more, I got better at using SEO.  So, I am writing more complete product descriptions with SEO. 

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