Episode 7: February Goals for Teachers Pay Teachers

I have 6 big goals for February 2021 to help my TpT store grow.

  1. Pinterest

I need to make templates.  

Learn to pin

Figure out what pins should go on what boards

Any times you want to share with me?

  1. Instagram – 10 More Followers

I am starting February with 15 followers, so my goal for the end of the month is to get to 25.

It’s a small number because most of my energy this month is going into Pinterest.

  1.  Read a Business Book.

I have the 80/20 Principal on my Kindle App right now.  I am planning to read that for this month.  Hopefully, I can get it done because it is not an audiobook.

  1. Put 10 More Products Up on TpT

This is the source of my revenue so I need to grow it each month.  

  1. Complete a Free Course Online.

I am signed up for three few courses at the moment.  Hopefully being in these courses will give me new ideas for products and help me learn a lot.

  1. My Revenue Goal for February 2021 is $80

When I first wrote this down (back in December) I thought it was such a big number for a newish store.  After seeing how my January goal progressed I think it’s possible.

How I Made My Plan

My planner is a Rocketbook Planner.

I Have a Goal List for Each Month This Year

I have planned out the first quarter pretty jam-packed full of goals.  The second quarter is mostly planned.  I am going to adjust slightly at the end of quarter 1.  The second half of the year is pretty open.  I have something written down, but I will adjust those goals each quarter as needed.

My Weekly Plan is Very Important.

I work at naptime so I need to know how to use my time when I sit down.  I can’t waste time each day trying to figure it out.  

At the beginning of the week, I pick three things I want to accomplish each day.  Sometimes this gets interrupted by my toddler.

I also try to batch my work.  Doing all of my writing tasks or uploading to TpT at once makes my time more productive.