Episode 9: Pinterest is Hard & Online Courses

Pinterest Challenges

Pinterest is harder than I thought.  Well, it’s mostly time-consuming.

Creating the Pinterest graphics in Canva is the most time-consuming part.  Then to also gather web address, UTM codes, and post it is crazy.

I haven’t even touched group boards or pinning my pins to multiple boards yet.  I have about 2 weeks to get 80 pins done.  It’s looking unlikely, but I am going to try.

Online PD Training

I’ve always been skeptical of the online trainings that pop up in my social media feeds.  But it was wonderful.  I just finished a 2-week boot camp on Reading comprehension with Ciera Harris and it has been amazing.

This year I am home with my toddler and tutoring, but both my toddler and my students will benefit from what she taught.

When I go back to the classroom I am going to be a better teacher because of it.  

Finally, it gave me inspiration for new resources I could create for my TpT shop.  Because I understand what teachers need to teach better and understand what I could do in my classroom better I am ready to make products related to reading comprehension.

I was always skeptical of online training being real and beneficial and now I see the value of them.

The things that worked for me in this course were that there is a time frame during which the videos would be available.  After two weeks they are gone so I had to be involved and watch.  I could watch them on my own schedule during those two weeks.  There was also a very active Facebook group that allowed a lot of discussion about the video content.

When I have to show up for an online training at a specific time it’s really hard because I have a toddler.  Having the time restriction, but also flexibility was awesome.

Extra notes:  It’s given me a glimpse of how online courses look.  Someday I hope I will be creating an online course.