YouTube Notes

  • Episode 65: How to Use Product Lines and Templates in Your TpT Store
    Product lines are an easy way to make more resources and money once you know what they are and how to use them.  Here’s what you need to know to get started. What Are Product Lines? Product lines are … Read more
  • Episode 64: Updating Products in My TpT Store
    Since I started my TpT store a year ago I have learned a lot about product design.  As I rounded the first year of having my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I decided I should start updating my products.  I … Read more
  • Episode 63: December 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    Social Media Continue to plan my social media posts weekly.  I have reserved Saturday nights to write my social media posts.  I also want to use this time to check YouTube comments, and write an email.  If I don’t … Read more
  • Episode 62: November 2021 Wrap-Up and TpT Income Report
    1. Social Media Continue to plan my social media posts weekly.  Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, and write an email. I have continued to successfully plan out my social media posts.  Right now my social media … Read more
  • Episode 61: TpT Business Time Management
    Time is the most valuable commodity of a teacher and TpT author.  There is just never enough time and if you are managing your TpT store while still in the classroom then I have to tip my hat to … Read more
  • Episode 60: TpT Copyright Questions
    First I must say that I am not a lawyer and you should be very careful when you are using other people’s work.  You can consult a lawyer or look up questions you have online.  I am talking about … Read more
  • Episode 59: November 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    1. Social Media Continue to plan my social media posts weekly.  Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, and write an email. 2. Learning Goal There are some videos in the CEO Teacher School I haven’t watched yet … Read more
  • Episode 58: October 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    1. Social Media Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, write an email, and plan social media. I successfully planned social media.  Each weekend I took time to create posts for the week on my Instagram.  Right now … Read more
  • Episode 57: Is the TPT Premium Account Worth It?
    I just had my one-year anniversary on TpT as a seller.  I first started my TpT journey in August of 2020.  My family needed more money and my son needed me.  I thought this was a great opportunity to … Read more
  • Episode 56: How Long-Form Content and Short-Form Content Can Help Grow Your TpT Store
    Content is the free material you put out into the world.  There is long-form content and short-form content.  We are going to be talking a little bit about both of these, including why you should use them and how … Read more
  • Episode 55: How to Look at TpT Data
    Data isn’t very much fun, but we are going to take a look at TpT data.  I’m no data master, but I am going to show you some of the very basic things I look at. TpT Product Statistics … Read more
  • Episode 54: What You Need to Make a TpT Resource
    I have been creating YouTube videos about TpT since January and I never made a video about what you need to include in a resource.    Tools Powerpoint | Keynote | Google Slides | Adobe Backgrounds | Digital Paper Frame … Read more
  • Episode 53: October 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    1. Social Media Reserve a weekly time to check YouTube comments, write an email, and plan social media. 2. Learning Goal I am going to be watching some replays from LaterCon from Later.  3. Reach out to a Publisher … Read more
  • Episode 52: September 2021 Wrap-up and Income Report
    September flew by, probably because I spent a week and a half taking care of a sick toddler who got me sick too.  Let’s see how these goals went when life got in the way. 1. Finish Blog Editing … Read more
  • Episode 51: My MailerLite TpT Email List Debacle
    Over the last several months I have been trying to get my email list off the ground.  It’s been a much bigger project than I thought it would be with more details to learn and understand.  It’s simple and … Read more
  • Episode 50: Using Instagram for My TpT Store Social Meeting Marketing: Progress Update
    Teachergram is a real space where teachers from around the world communicate and share everything from their personal lives to their best classroom ideas.  There is a system and method for finding success on teachergram.  You can even take … Read more
  • Episode 49: TpT Business Planning Notebook Update
    I have been playing around with how to create a foolproof system for me to work more efficiently on my TpT store during the hours I have.  Over the last several months I have moved my planning into a … Read more
  • Episode 48: September Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    The hard thing about being an entrepreneur is that my business relies on my motivation to stay focused and get things done.  Having goals helps keep me motivated and focused.  Here are some goals to help my Teachers Pay … Read more
  • Episode 47: August 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report
    I keep my TpT store running by setting clear goals each month.  Of course, my overall goal is to make money, but there are so many pieces that factor into that.  Here is the wrap-up of August 2021. 1. … Read more
  • Episode 46: Creating My Grammar Interactive Notebook TpT Resource
    This is the first big resource that I am creating for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to create this resource because I have never liked … Read more
  • Episode 45: Using Later for My TpT Social Media Marketing
    I have discovered that if I do not plan social media ahead of time it’s not going to happen.  Even a plan is not enough, I have to schedule it to be successful in my posting plan. I have … Read more
  • Episode 44: Visualizing the TpT Resources I am Creating
    As I started to branch out to new resources, I realized something about my resource creation process.  Visualizing my resources before I create them is vital to creating high-quality resources efficiently. 1. Sometimes I come up with great ideas … Read more
  • Episode 43: Attending TpT Forward 2021
    Did you attend TpT Forward this year?  It’s a conference for sellers to learn all sorts of things.  Normally it’s in person, but this year it was virtual and next year there will still be a virtual option.  There … Read more
  • Episode 42: August 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    Monthly goals are what drive the actions I take in my business each month.  It takes time to create and define them.  Then I have to schedule how I am going to complete each goal. 1. Finish The 30 … Read more
  • Episode 41: July 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report TpT Store
     have been mixing up my monthly goals some lately.  I love having goals because they help keep me focused on the parts of my TpT business I want to work on.  1. Edit My July Blogs I haven’t come … Read more
  • Episode 40: Creating a Large TpT Product Line
    For the first time, I am challenging myself in my TpT product creation. I mean it’s all been a challenge. I just learned how to make resources last fall. Up until now, I have created a lot of poetry … Read more
  • Episode 39: Checking Out the TpT Competition Without Copying Them
    My Teachers Pay Teachers store is a business and I have always thought about it that way. I take it seriously and pour a lot of time and energy into it. Businesses check out the competition. Wal-Mart and Target … Read more
  • Episode 38: My TpT Instagram Strategy
    I had an Instagram plan in the past, but I struggled to figure out what to post. It didn’t come naturally to me, especially Instagram stories. My general plan was something like this. Sunday: Beat the Sunday Scaries Monday: … Read more
  • Episode 37: My New TpT Business Notebook
    I have decided to try out a new notebook system to organize my TpT business, for at least a few months. Why? Because I’ve had different lists, charts, calendars, docs, and post-its where I’ve been writing, ideas, tasks, and … Read more
  • Episode 36: July 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    I love having goals to work towards each month.  Now that I’ve established a habit of creating them I am starting to move away from routine habits and towards specific goals. Edit My July Blogs. I batched all my … Read more
  • Episode 35: June 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report
    My goals in June were a little bit different from the usual ones I’ve been setting. I set seven goals this month. Edit My June Blogs In May I batched my blogs for June. Meaning I wrote them all … Read more
  • Episode 34: Why I Like YouTube as Part of My TpT Business
    1. YouTube is where I talk about my business. There are a lot of Facebook groups where I can ask questions and talk a little about my business. However, having a YouTube channel gives me the opportunity to talk … Read more
  • Episode 33: TpT Course Review
    In April I signed up for The CEO Teacher Academy.  I started making enough money monthly to cover the membership, so I decided to invest in my business.  Up until this point I had done almost everything for free … Read more
  • Episode 32: How I Let My Monthly TpT Goals Guide Me
    May was a tough month for my Teachers Pay Teachers Goals. I did not meet several of my goals. However, I’m a pretty determined person so that didn’t stop me. There are two goals that I have held onto … Read more
  • Episode 31: Overwhelmed by the Tasks of My TpT Business
    Based on some of the other things I’ve talked about you’re probably not surprised by this.  There are so many things to do when you are running your TpT store like a business and not a hobby.  There are … Read more
  • Episode 30: June 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    I am really mixing up my goals this month.  For the last five months, I have had a basic set of goals and it’s been working.  My business has grown.  I have over 100 resources listed on TpT, I … Read more
  • Episode 29: May 2021 Wrap-Up and Income Report for My TpT Store
    I had six goals for May.  Overall, my month wasn’t stellar, but I as reflect on why I didn’t reach some goals, I also like to stay positive about what I did accomplish. 1. Read a Business Book. I … Read more
  • Episode 28: Batching My TpT Blogs
    During the month of May I was working on changing some of the systems I’ve been using in my Teachers Pay Teachers business to try to have a more efficient working time.  I was trying to meet my goals … Read more
  • Episode 27: How SEO Research Improved My TpT Sales
    I am working on improving SEO in everything I do.  It’s a constant learning process, but the more I learn the easier it will be for teachers to find me, my resources, and everything I have to offer.  If … Read more
  • Episode 26: MailerLite Webpage Pop-up for My TpT Business
    It seems like everyone has a pop-up on their websites these days.  This is all about how you make your own pop-up form. Steps to Create a Pop-Up Form in MailerLite Click on Forms. Pick a template.   You are … Read more
  • Episode 25: MailerLite Email Campaign Tutorial for My TpT Business
    I decided to use MailerLite as my email service provider to start. Before I even signed up for an email provider I wrote out my first email funnel or as some call it nuture sequence.  Here is the process … Read more
  • Episode 24: May 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    Take a Free Online Course I’m not sure what course this will be yet.  But I will find one because it have been very valuable to take these courses. Instagram I will continue to follow the schedule created. My … Read more
  • Episode 23: April 2021 Wrap-Up and TPT Income Report
    Take a Free Online Course I took a free teaching grammar course by Jamie Sears.   Instagram I followed my schedule for the month.  I am still trying to figure out what else to post and how to add to … Read more
  • Episode 22: Putting My Sequence into MailerLite
    This is challenging and time-consuming. Probably mostly because I am learning another new thing.  I am glad I did a lot of the writing separately.  My nurture sequence is done and really just needs to be formatted to my … Read more
  • Episode 21: Building an Email Funnel
    An email funnel is the series of emails customers get when they opt-in to your email list.  Different people do it in different ways.  Some people have several emails they send out and some people have just one.  Some … Read more
  • Episode 20: Lead Magnets
    Lead Magnets are what you offer someone in exchange for their email address.  It could be any number of things.  There are so many articles on things you could offer, but here are just a few examples: a lesson, … Read more
  • Episode 19: Choosing an Email Provider for Your TpT Email List
    This chart is what I used to help me to choose an email provider.  Honestly, I don’t think it matters too much who you start with as long as you start.  A lot of the services are very similar.  … Read more
  • Episode 18: April 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    Take a Free Online Course I am going to take a free teaching grammar course by Jamie Sears.   Instagram I will continue to follow the schedule created. It seems to be working to have a schedule and I am … Read more
  • Episode 17: March 2021 Wrap Up and TpT Income report
    Take a Free Online Course I took a guided reading intro course by Bryce the Teaching Texan. I have done guided reading in a lot of my classrooms so there wasn’t a lot of new information for me.  If … Read more
  • Episode 16: How to Upload Videos to Your TpT YouTube Channel
    Uploading videos to youtube is a process.  I was fortunate that my husband could walk me through the steps.  Every time I had a question I could call him over to answer it.   This process is for the actual … Read more
  • Episode 15: Creating Thumbnails For My TpT YouTube Channel Using Canva
    I use Canva for all of my graphics.  Today I am going to show you how to use it to create thumbnails specifically for YouTube. Sign in (create your free account if you need to) Create a new design.  … Read more
  • Episode 14: How I Edited YouTube Videos for My TpT Business
    I am a new YouTube creator so I am keeping it simple and basic for beginners like me.  Here is my current process. Write an Outline Be sure to have an outline before you record so you have a … Read more
  • Episode 13: Starting My TpT YouTube Channel
    This week’s video is going to be short and sweet. March 2021 is my month dedicate to learning YouTube. I have actually been recording videos since the beginning of January 2021, but now I am going to learn all … Read more
  • Episode 12: March 2021 Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    Take a Free Online Course I have already scheduled a guided reading course. Instagram Follow the schedule I have created. Get comfortable with Instagram stories. 10 more followers.  I was at 23 and I want to reach 33 Read … Read more
  • Episode 11: TpT February 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report
    Feb 2021 ends tonight so here is a wrap-up of my month.  I have 6 goals that I’ve been working on this month to grow my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And I’m going to break down each.  Take an … Read more
  • Episode 10: My Best Pinterest Tips for TpT So Far
    Pinterest Fail I am not going to be meeting my goal of having a pin for all of my products on TpT because time just doesn’t warrant it.   My Best Pinterest Tips Though I won’t be able to meet … Read more
  • Episode 9: Pinterest is Hard & Online Courses
    Pinterest Challenges Pinterest is harder than I thought.  Well, it’s mostly time-consuming. Creating the Pinterest graphics in Canva is the most time-consuming part.  Then to also gather web address, UTM codes, and post it is crazy. I haven’t even … Read more
  • Episode 8: How-To Create Pinterest Pin for TpT
    I hope you enjoyed this Loom video.  Here are the show notes from this episode. Beginners guide to making Pins on Pinterest Create a design on Canva.   I like Canva because it’s free and tall the types of canvases … Read more
  • Episode 7: February Goals for Teachers Pay Teachers
    I have 6 big goals for February 2021 to help my TpT store grow. Pinterest I need to make templates.   Learn to pin Figure out what pins should go on what boards Any times you want to share with … Read more
  • Episode 6: TpT January 2021 Wrap Up and Income Report
    I had 6 big goals for January 2021 Create a Blog/Website My blog is live.  Hopefully, as I continue to write it will help drive traffic to my store. I wanted a blog to… have a landing page for … Read more
  • Episode 5: Driving Traffic to My New TpT Blog
    The hardest part of creating a successful blog is driving traffic to it.  There are millions of blogs out there. SEO can help, but SEO is a challenge too. In my research, I’ve learned the best way to drive … Read more
  • Episode 4: My First Blog is Live
    After writing and editing, and formatting, and editing, and uploading my blog is live.   Getting my blog live is a big accomplishment. But it’s really just the beginning. My first 7 articles are up.  I plan on adding an … Read more
  • Episode 3: Learning to Blog for TpT
    All of my research says that blogging can help drive traffic to my TpT store, provide content for teachers, and give me a landing page for everything including an email list. I started this goal in mid-December because I … Read more
  • Episode 2: January Goals to Grow My TpT Store
    I have always treated my Teachers Pay Teachers Store as a business, with the goal of being able to help support my family, while I am home taking care of my son.  In order to grow my business, I … Read more
  • Episode 1: How I Started My TpT Store and What I Did Right
    In 2019 I left the classroom to be a stay-at-home mom for a little while, and my husband got a new job with a two-hour commute to support us.  After about 10 months, him being unemployed and my part-time … Read more