The Ultimate List of Classroom Jobs for Students

Do you need a list of classroom jobs to help get you organized this school year?  This list of classroom jobs for students is broken down into a few categories.  I believe it’s important that students understand why these jobs are important and how they relate to the real world.  I have listed a job(s) with similar tasks from the real world, as well as a description and needed skills.

How to Use this Classroom Job List

I suggest that you print this article and take a sharpie and highlighter to it.  I tried to include every job on this list because I wanted you to know about all the possibilities out there.  But you are not going to use all of these jobs in your classroom.  

Start by crossing out the ones that you won’t use and highlight the ones you love.  Count the total number of jobs you picked and compare that to the number of students you have this year.  Do you need to add or subtract any jobs? Or will some students just have a week where they don’t have a job? Are there jobs that it’s helpful to have two students?

The Hallway

1. Line Leader 

Real World: Tour Guide

Description: This student should be an example of how to walk in the hallways, without talking and have good self-control.  He/she should also know where to stop in the hallway so the class stays together.

Skills: Self-control in the hallway, listening to directions

2.         Caboose and Line Monitor 

Real World: Airport Security, Prison Guard (just kidding)

Description: Some teachers assign a caboose because no one likes the end so make it a job so students don’t fight.  I do not like assigning a caboose just because no one likes the end of the line.  At the end of the line, the caboose can see everything. Part of their job can be to hop out of line as needed to remind other people how to walk correctly.  

Skills: Remind classmates politely of how to walk in the hall, set a good example, focus on the job while a lot is going on

3.         Door Holder 

Real World: Door Man, Entry Assistant  

Description: This student could walk second in line so they are ready to hold the door for the whole class.  After they hold the door they will powerwalk back to their place in line.  He/She should maintain model behavior while holding the door (i.e. not starting high-fives with the whole line, whooping, letting the door crash into anyone) 

Skills: Self-control in the hallway and with friends, the anticipation of job, listening to directions

4.         Hallway Escort 

Real-World: Body Guard 

Description: If your school uses a buddy system you can have someone assigned to escort other students when they need to go to the nurse or office.  (In all honesty, I have always picked a student who is finished with their work, or a friend so they feel comfortable.)

Skills: Patience while waiting for classmates, ability to get caught back up on work when missing time in class, concern and empathy for classmates.

5.         Bathroom Monitor (2) 

Real-World: Bathroom Attendant, Washroom Attendant

Description: The bathroom can be a crazy place.  I have spent hours monitoring bathrooms because some student just has to pee on the wall.  The bathroom monitor can hand out towels and soap, just like in a fancy bathroom.  They can also make sure students are paying attention and going into empty stalls.  Finally, you can have them check the stalls between people if you are in a situation like I was.  

Skills: Organization, honesty, politely encouraging classmates to focus on getting in and out of the bathroom.  

Infrequent Jobs

6.         Class Ambassador

Real World: Greeter, Welcome Committee, United Nations Ambassador

Description:  Do you get new students often?  Then it could be helpful to have a student you’ve trained to help new kids.  Train this student on how to help them find their materials, way around the school, or even just answer simple questions about the classroom routine.  In my private school, we had potential students visit.  I would pair the visitor with a student who I thought would be good in this role.  

Skills: Kindness, patience, quietly help a classmate, know the school well, know classroom routines well.

Morning Meeting

7.         Pledge Leader

Real World: Flag Bearer (if you have a flag involved), Patriotic Leader

Description: I know there are a lot of schools that do not say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore. This student should know and understand what the Pledge of Allegiance stands for in the United States.  This student should have it memorized as well as what to say to start it off for the class or be willing to learn.

Skills: Memorization, respectful demeanor, politely remind the class of respectful expectations

8.         Calendar Manager

Real World: Executive Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Household Manager

Description:  One thing I always forgot was to change the dates and calendar.  There is no reason that you need to remember to do this.  Have a student manage the classroom calendar in all locations including during Morning Meeting, on the whiteboard, and anywhere else you have the date.

Skills: Organization, understands the calendar or is enthusiastic about learning, willing to check the date with other sources.

9.         Weather Reporter

Real World: Meteorologist, Weather Reporter

Description: This student should accurately check and change the weather daily.  If there is a what to wear chart, update that too.   

Skills: Observant, knows how to or excited to learn to read a thermometer. 

10.     Flipper

Real World: Signage Project Manager

Description:  There are so many charts in a classroom that need changing, resetting, and flipping.  The flipper takes care of this so you don’t have to do it.  It can be Morning Meeting charts or charts from other parts of the school day.

Skills: Organization, listening, and willingness to help.

11.     Morning Meeting Leader

Real Worlds: Lead Presenter, Keynote Speaker

Description:  Do you ever get interrupted during morning?  Another teacher comes in to tell you something, or there is an emergency email you need to answer? This student will help lead Morning Meeting by keeping track of the routine, keeping the class focused, and taking over for the teacher if needed.  Depending on how you use this job it might be good to consider it a long-term job. 

Skills: Organization, talk loud enough for the class to hear, learn the routine and keep track of it, communicate kindly to classmates, and focus.


12.     Meal Assistant

Real World: Food Coordinator, Lunch Lady, Lunch Person, Waiter/Waitress

Description:  Willing to help hand out food or open food as needed.  This student may also need to carry home lunches to the lunchroom if you use a crate.  They could also help serve food and set up for any class parties. You could break this down into breakfast helper, lunch helper, snack helper if desired. 

13.     Recess Helper

Real World: Equipment Manager

Description:  This student will help bring in all recess toys and equipment and assist with lining up. 

Skills: Leadership, attention to detail, able to find equipment, able to track what was brought out, and help with damaged equipment.


14.     Computer Assistant

Real World: Computer Technician, It Support, Computer Assistant

Description: A student who can patiently help and support classmates with technology.  This student should also be able to handle the responsibility of cleaning up technology with care and making sure everything is charging.  You may decide to have them turn on/off other technology in the classroom too. If you desire you can break this job into more sections like Computer Manager (just charging and handing out), Computer Assistant (tech questions), Tablet Assistant (handing out and charging), and media monitor (turning on/off other tech in the classroom).

Skill: Responsibility, patience, communicate with a kind tone of voice, knowledge of technology, able to admit when they don’t know the answer, and attention to detail.


15.     Floor Cleaner (2)

Real World: Custodian, Janitor

Description: Pick up trash and other items off the floor and putting them in the correct location.  If someone leaves something on the floor politely asking them to pick it up.  This person should also sweep or vacuum as needed. 

Skills:  Attention to detail, knowledge of classroom materials, good communication skills, teamwork.

16.     Trash/Recycling 

Real World: Garbage Person, Environmental Conservationist

Description: Monitors the trash during the day to make sure that the bag stays correctly on the can.  Takes the trash and recycling bins to the necessary spots after the floor has been picked up.  Replaces the trashbags as necessary.

Skills: Attention to detail, care for classroom community, and communicates with classmates.

17.     Gardener/Plant Helper

Real World: Botanist, Gardener, Landscaper, Groundskeeper

Description:  Water the plants regularly and learning what the plants need, like less/more water, bigger pots, or to be turned toward the sun.

Skills: Observant, able to follow a schedule, problem-solving, and decision-making.

18.     Animal Caretaker

Real World:  Zookeeper, Zoologist

Description: Feed the classroom pet and clean its habitat.  When finished working playing gently with the pet.  

Skill: Gentle with animals, knows or is willing to learn what the class pet needs, like how to clean the cage and when and how much to feed it.

19.     Chair stacker (2)

Real World: Diningroom Attendant, Event Setup Staff, Busser

Descriptions: Stacks and unstacks chairs in a quiet and organized manner at the beginning and end of the day.  Always putting chairs in the designated locations and helping to move furniture for special events.

Skills: Spacial awareness, organization skills, self-control to not crash chairs or stack them too high or push them into people.

20.     Clean Up Inspector

Real World: Facility Manager 

Description: Executive function and organization is a learned skill in most cases.  I think having a student that can check desks, tables, cubbies/lockers to make sure that everything is neat and tidy is a great idea.  This student will also help pass out cleaning wipes, clean up spills, and reward students who keep their desks super clean with a sticker (if you do that).  This job is a little tricky because it can be so helpful, but you also don’t want unorganized students to feel badly about themselves.  Be clear about guidelines that will work for your students. (This job can be combined with Desk Inspector)

Skills: Communicate kindly with classmates, sense organization of materials, knowledge of classroom materials, willingness to help classmates who need organizing.

Teacher Help

21.       Attendance Specialist

Real World: Data Entry Specialist, Ticket Taker

Description: I always forget to take attendance because I am so busy answering a million questions first thing in the morning.  The office then calls me and interrupts my lesson so I have to start again.  This student reminds you to take attendance at a specific time so that you don’t forget.  You can take this job one step further by having the student take attendance on paper and hand it to you at a specific time.

Skills: Tell time, learn all the names of the kids in the class, correctly mark students present or absent.

22.       Supply Monitor

Real World: Office Manager

Description:  If you have a central classroom supply area where you keep things like glue sticks and post-its this is a great job.  This student checks that location daily and tells you what you are out of or low on at a specific time (I like end of the day).  If other students notice that something has run out they tell the supply monitor.  I recommend this student has a post-it on their desk to record needed supplies because then at the end of the day they can just hand it to you.

Skills: Organization, attention to detail, communication

23.       Library Helper 

Real World: Librarian

Descriptions:  Classroom libraries are a lot of work to maintain, but if you train your students then they can do that work for you. At my school we had one classroom of students maintain the school’s library.  This person can also help other students find books they need or recommend books to their classmates.  You can also have this person carry to book back to the school library, if you use a book bucket. 

Skills: Organization, system management, communication.

24.       Paper Passer/Supply Passer (2)

Real World: Supplies Distribution Coordinator, Supplies Coordinator, Distribution Expert, Office Administrator, Office Coordinator

Description: Passing out papers is a favorite job among students and when they get good at it they just appear in front of you ready to help.  Assigning this gives you a few extra minutes to coordinate the assignment and answer questions.  These students can also collect papers as needed. You can separate these roles, but I find just having two people to do these jobs works.  

Skills: Passing out papers to every student, letting the teacher know if there isn’t enough, and collecting papers.

25.       Teacher’s Helper

Real World: Personal Assistant, Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

Description:  Anything extra you need help with at any point in time.  Think about the needs of your specific classroom and see if there are any tasks not covered by other jobs that you could use help with regularly.

Skills: Listen, following directions, flexibility, and organization.

26.       Receptionist 

Real World: Secretary, Receptionist

Description:  When the phone rings in the middle of class it is so frustrating because it completely disrupts the flow of the lesson.  You have to stop and run across the room to answers a question or send someone to the office.  Then you have to try to get the students’ attention again and find your place.  By training a student to answer the phones you relieve this stress.  Train them with a script that you can hang by the phone. Something like:

“Hello, this is ___your name_______’s room.   __Their name__ speaking. How can I help?  “

If someone just needs to go to the office, the student can send them.  If it’s a parent, who needs to talk to you, they can take a name and number and let them know you will call back soon (again, just leave a script by the phone). If it’s just to tell Johnny to take the bus a student can pass that message along.

Skills: Listening skills, communication skills, polite, answer phone and follow scripts.

27.       Pencil Sharpener 

Real World: Equipment Maintenance Supervisor

Description: Pencil sharpener is a popular and useful job if you keep a classroom supply of pencils.  Keep two containers of pencils: dull and sharp.  The student with this job can sharpen pencils when it works for you.  Some examples are when they finish their work, at the beginning or end of the day, before or after recess/lunch.  My students usually keep track of their own pencils.  I do have the rule that they cannot sharpen them while I’m teaching/giving directions.  They can sharpen during a transition or independent work. 

Skills: Follow directions, manage the containers, empty the pencil sharpener daily.

28.       Lights

Real World: Energy Conservationist, Electrician

Description: Having a student assigned to turn off the lights when you leave the room or need them off to see a screen/projector is helpful. When the class is leaving the room it’s helpful to have them stand near the end of the line for this job.

Skills: Attention to detail, great memory, follow directions.

29.       Office Runner/Messenger

Real World: Mail Carrier, Messenger

Description:  This student runs messages to other teachers or the office as needed.  He/She needs to be able to follow the hallway rules without supervision and remember verbal messages if needed.

Skills: Follow directions, focus, respectful, and good communication.

30.       Hand Sanitizer

Real World: Sanitation Manager, Public Health Adviser, CDC Scientist

Description: You may have a sanitization station or simply have always given out sanitizer before lunch.  Either way, this is not something you need to manage.  You can have a student hand out the sanitizer and check the classroom sanitization station for neatness or needed refills.

Skills: Self-control while squirting sanitizer, organization of station, and problem-solving.

31.       Substitute

Real World: Substitute, Temp

Description: If someone is absent the substitute should be able to seamlessly step into their role.  Usually, the sub can handle a few jobs because they’ve just had a “vacation” from jobs for a few days.  

Skills: Quick on your feet, observant, know how to do all the classroom jobs or willing to learn as needed, and follows directions.

32.       Absent Work Manager

Real World: Paralegal, Office Assistant

Description:  Getting missing work together for absent students is just one of those extra tasks that add stress.  I often just put the papers on the students’ desks and then take that pile to their mailbox at the end of the day.  But this is another awesome option.  Have one student who makes a pile for each absent student.  The absent work manager can use a post-it with their names to organize it and fill out a homework sheet at the end of the day with directions.  

Skills: Organization, can write directions neatly.

33.       Shoes and Clothing Specialist/Uniform Specialist

Real World: Fashion Editor

Description:  If your school has a dress code that you forget to talk to your students about then you could assign this job.  I usually talk to my students about this myself because I don’t want to make anyone self-conscious about their clothes.  Personally, I would use this job to help with shoes, zippers in younger grades. They can also make sure coats are put away correctly.

Skills: Observant, communication skills, and knowledge of school dress code.

34.       Coupon/Ticker Helper

Real World: Payroll Manager

Description: Do you give out coupons or tickets at the end of the day or a few times a day as part of a rewards system?  You could have this student do it for you.  I spent years in classrooms that used marble jars and like systems and years in classrooms that didn’t include that as part of the classroom culture.  And I didn’t really see a difference in student behavior.  Some professionals are speaking out against the use of these systems.  Watch this video, by Meg Thompson Behavior, before you add this job to your room.  If you want more information from her just DM her.

Skills: Follow directions, problem-solving, plan an efficient system.

35.       Transition Specialist

Real World: Scheduling Coordinator, Timekeeper

Descriptions: Do you get wrapped up in what your teaching, especially during a magical period where all of your students are engaged? Have a student time each subject and ring the chime for transitions.  They could also just remind you when it’s time to switch subjects.  This way the whole class won’t be telling you that math is over.  I love timers because they keep me on track for so many things in life.  Have a student set timers for your classroom.  

Skills:  Knows the classroom schedule, sets timers, can tell time, and time management 

36.       Greeter

Real World: Greeter, Butler

Description:  If your classroom gets a lot of visitors, it can be helpful to have a student greet the person and invite them into the classroom, so you don’t have to stop in the middle of a lesson.  If the visitor is just looking for materials or has a message this student can take it.  If there are there to visit, then the student can help them find a good seat until you can connect.

Skills: Friendly, can answer questions about the room, invite guests to the appropriate place while they wait.

37.       Whiteboard Manager 

Real World: Window Washer

Description: It’s great to have a student erase the whiteboard for you between subjects so you can switch gears and get your materials ready for the next lesson.  This student can also make sure the correct date is on the board.  I usually have this person wash the whiteboard once a week too.

Skills: Create a system to efficiently erase the whiteboard, observant, knows the class schedule.

38.       Directions Assistant

Real World: Corporate Trainer, Coach

Description: The spinning door of a classroom can be a disruption and challenge, but also so necessary for students who need extra services.  Having a directions assistant is a great idea because then a student who is in the room can explain it to a student who was out of the room for one reason or another.  You won’t have to repeat yourself so much.  This job is a magic.

Skills: Listen to directions, respectfully share directions with classmates as needed

39.       Desk Inspector

Real World: Quality Inspector

Description: Learning how to organize school materials is an important part of the learning process.  It is also a real struggle.  You can have one student check the class’s desks at certain times of the day or week.  If there is a student who needs to clean out their desk, the desk inspector can help.  (This job can be combined with Clean Up Inspector)

Skills: Communicate kindly with classmates, organization, and time management.

40.       Window & Blinds Manager

Real World: Window Washer, Design/Decor Specialist, Home Designer

Description: It’s important to have the right amount of light in the classroom.  Especially if the sun’s glare makes it impossible to see your screen/projector.  Over the years I’ve had too many students break the blinds.  Have one student who is in charge of lowering them.  Teach them how to do it correctly.  If your blinds are tricky or your class is extra rambunctious, consider keeping this as a long-term job.

Skills:  Respectful of classroom materials, observant of class needs, ability to do the job quietly.

Long Term Jobs

41.       Homework Helper

Real World: Project Manager

Description:  Checking students’ homework folders to make sure they have written down the homework correctly gets old very quickly.  During the first few weeks of school, you have to do it yourself, but after that, it’s great to have a student assigned to do this task.  I recommend that you keep this job long-term because you need it to be a student who can make sure every student wrote the correct assignments on their homework sheet.  If you get parent signatures you can have this same person check folders in the morning too.

Skills:   Attention to detail, communicates with classmates, and organization. 

42.       Centers Monitor/Center Leader

Real World: Department Supervisor

Description:  If you use centers it’s great to pick a center leader to help keep other students in their group on task and answer their questions.  Students can talk to the center monitor before talking to you.  

Skills:  Focused, understands directions, can explain tasks to others, patient, helpful, and kindly reminds classmates to work on center work

43.       Mediator

Real World: Mediator, Conflict Resolution Specialist

Description:  Have you ever had a dramatic class?  It can be so frustrating to help students solve their small social squabbles every single day.  This is a very special job.  Train a few students to help solve small social squabbles between friends.  If you even suspect it’s bullying get involved, but when Jenny and Sally fight every day have Pam help them solve that problem.  You can teach them problem-solving skills and help them develop language and steps to come up with a solution or compromise.  Have students complete a special training with you at lunch and apply for this job. I would even see if one of the school counselors could help with creating and facilitate training.

Skills: Problem-solving, kind, listening, fair, and empathetic.

44.    Paper Cutter

Real World: Printshop Manager

Description:  There are actually jobs out there for paper cutters.  It is an art form that is celebrated, but the task of this student is closer to that of a print shop manager.  This student will take all of those lovely games and pieces you’ve laminate and cut them out for you.  Since you often need this task to be done well so you don’t have to do it again I suggest making this a long-term job.

Skills: Attention to detail, fine motor skills to cut out carefully, and follows directions.

45.       Filers

Real World: Office Manager, Paralegal, File Clerk

Description:  Do you need some papers filed that would be appropriate to have a student help with?  I have had students print out final drafts writing projects.  I collected their final drafts for an end-of-the-year project and filed them.  I could have had a student do this task and save myself time.

Skills: Attention to detail, knows or willing to learn how to use a file folder and filing system, and careful with others work.

46.     Finished Work Manager

Real World: Teacher’s Assistant

Description: When this student is finished with their own work, they can collect work from classmates using a grading list.  The student will check off who has turned in their work. This student can also put the papers in grading order (whatever order you use in your grade book).  You can combine this job with Paper/Supply Passers.

Skills: Organization, understands or willing to learn how to check off finished work, and polite towards classmates.

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